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My Viibryd experience was very costly
preacher68 posted:
I was on Viibryd (still trying to taper off). I suffered thru the side effects of diarrhea, sleep loss and cramps because it truly was working better than anything I had taken for anxiety and depression. About the time I was over the typical effects and started feeling better, I began to have all the symptoms of heart problems. I had chest pains, irregular heart beat and fatigue. I felt so good by this time, it never occurred to me that the heart problems were side effects. Because of my family history and other risk factors, I had a heart cath, fully convinced that I had major blockage. I may get depressed, but I'm not a hypocondriac. There was no blockage and the Viibryd has to be the cause.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Hi- am happy to hear the viibryd made you feel less depressed and sad to hear of the side effects.. it is a very serotonin based medicine and likely it gave you too much serotonin... if you were on the full 20mg dose, I often can get people to lower to 10 or even 5mg for a few weeks and then very slowly over several weeks raise it back up. Once your system desensitizes to the extra serotonin, you may not get these side effects at all... so you could ask to be re challanged on it but dosed much more slowly. of course, you could get the same side effects as well.. an alternative to viibryd woul dbe to take one of the following:paxil, prozac,zoloft,celexa, or lexapro WITH low dose buspirone... this combo, can give you the same chemistry as viibryd but it is a bit less aggressive at serotonin levels and should have less side effects and ideally same good effects