Husband is talking suicide...I feel like beating him with a bat
colaburns posted:
Good afternoon. From April through end of October my husband and I were separated. We have 2 kids and the kids stayed with me most of the itme. End of October we decided to try again and began seeing a marriage counselor. Recently if we have an argument, he begins talking suicide which he never did before (although he was always blaming me for his problem and playing the guilt trip which is what led me to want to be separated). This has been making me very angry and scared at the same time. I am on Effexor for Anxiety / Panic Disorder and have been doing so good while on it but lately now my Anxiety is starting to peek through. The Counselor knows of his suicide talk and she sees him once a week but he is refusing to be medicated for depression since he says he doesn't like taking medicine. Are there natural ways or supplements maybe that he could take? Thank you.

rohvannyn responded:
Even if he starts taking St. John's Wort or another herbal supplement, that's still medicine. You might want to take a look at the foods he's eating. My spouse gets really depressed when she eats wheat gluten, for example, and I have really bad brain fog if I drink water with too much chlorine and fluoride in it. Atypical I know but if we hadn't tracked these causes down we would both probably be on antidepressants. So his environment is worth a look, along with some SERIOUS commitment to therapy. That can't be emphasised enough, even if he doesn't see a therapist, he has to WANT to get better with all his being or he won't go anywhere.
mariajohnson responded:
Hey cola, don't just rely on supplements. Keep you husband active in some exercise or therapies. Yoga is considered to be the best way to get rid of depression.