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Am I depressed?
jdaniel10 posted:
I have a problem with bieng eating and food addiction. I've also quit smoking back in October and have anxiety from that that I just try to deal with. I've recently have started having this extrem hatred for myself. Its really starting to effect my relationship with my fiance. Is this depression? Someone suggested me getting on an antidepressent, but i didn't think of myself as depressed.
momuv4girls responded:
Self hatred can definitely be a sign of depression - anxiety and depression are linked.

Here is an interesting article describing this:

I think finding a really good Psychiatrist would be very beneficial for long-term wellness.

Take care!
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Could be depression...depression is a collection of symptoms where someone is stuck in a sad mood with a loss of enjoyment and interest for at least two weeks.... these are the basic symptoms. Some will have fatigue, poor concentration, appetite change AND have a sense of guilt/worthlessness etc. So, you could ask you general doc to see you and evaluate you or ask he/she to refer you to a psychologist for diagnosis and counseling.... the latter works well