Just a Human test subject(lab rat)
An_255212 posted:
My life has been turned upside down since I was drafted into the Vietnam War. everyone knows about the vietnam war and blames our troops for what happened. do you trust politicians;do you trust our government ? on top of that, I am who they call the kid, from years ago. My mother turned my family against me,using me as a test subject turning me into a freak.I know that it takes an act of what they call love to complete the game subject. I do not like sex, because of this issue. And will not ever have sex again I am 63 years old.Handicap, I have more physical problems than the normal man of my age.starting with my deul neropothy in my feet,My ankles are worn out, I need surgery on both ankles and knees, no cartaledge.my back has serious problems, it is in the shape of an s.I can bearly walk,or sit very long.I can not perform a natural act of making love to a lady,and people wonder why I can not go home. everywhere I go I meet people who do not understand this issue,nor do they care. I have serious PTSD due to my condition because of the strees of this game issue.I more than enyone else would love for it to just go away;Ya right it has become a living nightmare for me. evaery day is a strugle to deal with my diabetes,ptsd,depression,I have a hiedal hernia, that disbles me to enjoy what I eat.people disaproove of me because I am an older person.I do wood carvings to help with my problems,I have a websight. ( Excalibur7WoodGraphics.com ) I am a natural artist, a gift from god.I have not had a lesson in wood carving or Graphics illustrations.

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