I don't know Were this belongs but, I will try to explain it....
yub74 posted:
Sometimes I feel "buzzed" but, consumed no alcohol.... and another thing is that I am real forgetful yet passed memory tests given by a neurologist last summer and also my focus is non-existent... It affects my life and I can't keep up the house work. Also I have a tremor in my right hand when I extend them out (discovered by the neurologist) but, also I was having tics when I went to see him. He said it wasn't touretts because I'd have grown up with it.... but since then last summer I haven't had Any since consuming only one can of beer most every day. The tremor is still there though and sometimes affects work and writing. And another thing I've been Irritable and it's all I can do to keep my mouth shut. I yell at my kid sometimes over next to nothing then have to tell her it's Not her fault. My Mum says I'm pre- men (I am 40)..... What do you guys say?? what do I do? I had an EEG last summer showed nothing... But, SOMETHING is wrong right?
rohvannyn responded:
Sounds like a lot of odd symptoms, all right. Good that you've had things looked at by a neurologist. It could even be something like anxiety. Those can cause all of these symptoms! Another important factor is diet. For example, I had a lot of problems which have gotten better in many respects since I quit drinking the city water. All sorts of nasty stuff in that. There can so many contributing factors, but you have to start somewhere. Good luck!
yub74 replied to rohvannyn's response:
thanks anyway... I just don't know what to do. I am vegan but, I don't eat right. I've been going crazy on carbs and sweets. If I went raw I know I'd loose a lot of this excess weight... but, I would have to be careful to get all nutrients
rohvannyn replied to yub74's response:
Veganism itself could be causing some problems. I am not saying that you can't be healthy as a vegan, but it's harder to get adequate nutrition. It's also so much easier to fill up on carbs, which just make you hungry and give you blood sugar crashes, perpetuating the hunger cycle, where protein and a moderate amount of fat would satisfy you and curb some of those cravings. I don't know if you like soy, but maybe some tofu dishes and some nuts at least for a supplement? Some of those cravings can also make you really feel depressed. So can lack of nutrients. I know, I've been here. Good luck!