Am I crazy?
An_255311 posted:
I have suffered depression in the past and was taking Effexor. I slowly went off of that and was fine for 6 years. About 2 years ago my depression slapped me in the face out of no where. I started taking 20mg of celexa but after a couple of months, I wasn't feeling any better. My doctor doubled my dosage. I have been on 40mg of this for a year now but still don't feel like me. I still analyze every little thing and within the past month I am having "horrible/unnatural" thoughts. I go to my husband for everything but, I just don't know how to make my brain stop focusing on bad things. Does anyone else go through this?
jacksplat responded:
You need to go back to your psychiatrist. It may be that you need to try another SSRI or add Wellbutrin to the mix. You should try and journal what is racing through your mind. I have personally suffered through depression. I was on medication for a while, was weaned off by my doctor only to have it come back worse than before. I have learned to accept that I will need to be on Zoloft for life and I am ok with that. I feel like me, not zombie, but me.
Good luck and don't loose hope!