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Severe lack of motivation!HELP
An_255340 posted:
I can't seem to do anything, i take wellbutrin which helps significantly, but sometimes when i need to workout bc i have been gaining weight due to my lack of motivation, i just can't, even though i know i need to to lose weight, and then i get mad at myself for not doing anything productive and it just goes downhill. there are always good days and bad days, just wish could have more good ones!
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
consider asking your doc for a bigger dose of wellbutrin or an additional medication as it seems like you are not completely better OR get a therapist, meet weekly and they willl help you figure out your patterns and answer your question of 'why' and ideally get you coping better
ssmiddy responded:
totally agree with the doc.

Also experiencing a similar issue, but it has been months since I felt like this.

I am bi-polar 1, and think I've slipped into a very depressive episode - not totally sure - but feel just like you asre describing.

Last evenings, I went to bed around 9pm....although I had periods of being "conscious," I absolutely could NOT get up, and didn't actually do so until 7:25 pm today, having slept around 22 hours I gusss (.

I don't like it.

Of course when this passes, I'm liable to hit a manic episode, which is so very opposite, but I've had so many of those that I can get through them pretty well in most cases.

The current depression is just doggone horrid tho.

Anyway, yep, talk to your doc & stuff - be very fotthcoming, honest, and transparent when you do. Just tell the doc what you told us here...Best wishes!!!