Fine once I'm away from my "relationship"
snapoutofit posted:
When i do muster up enough "energy" to get out of the house to meet an enrichingly positive person im all recharged with hope. But as soon as im faced with the negative attitude, critical comments etc. Its Like 60-0 in 2.3 seconds. Anyone else have/had a
Toxic relationship "cause" more severe depression??

I'm with my daughters (age 5) father.
I can't "get out" at this time. Financially, lack of family to rely on& afraid of custody battle. But any ideas how to fight this depression while I'm stuck? Just need support that I will be ok. Thanks

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babes55557 responded:

For one don't smapoutit, you are having the same thoughts with people as 98% of us just don't associate with those type of people. Always be honest with yourself and others if negativity really bothers you in a nice way let the person know. Plus the person is probably going through things of their own which talking about it with them could possibly help!!

Call a depression hotline explain your situation and they can give you resources to help you get out of a bad environment.
deasertrose replied to babes55557's response:
I understand, I'm in the same boat. Right now is okay cause I just had surgery and he has to take care of me. I go to therapy, see my p doc and go to a support group called NAMI. Just taking it day by day.