why do i do it?
chrissyzajac posted:
im on anti depressants but some times they dont work... like today. my boyfriend out of nowhere password protected his laptop so now i cant get on it to play my games. i asked why and he said he didnt know why and didnt know the password which was a lie clearly. I get the hint its something i did but i honestly dont know what it is. i asked him to talk to me and he wont. i never cheat on him, never even flirt... when i get really upset i hurt myself by scratching my face with my nails or a fork or something. id rather be hurting physically then emotionally. but why do i do this? he knows i have severe depression but seems like he doesnt care. why cant he understand that depression is a bad and sometimes dangerous disease that i cant control. i say things like i dont want to be here anymore but i never ever try to commit suiscide. i cannot hurt my 3 year old daughter like that. idk what to do anymore. he gets like this and it tears me up not knowsing what i did wrong and he refuses to talk to me