Have no one to help
magbama10 posted:
Abouth 2 mo ago my son quit talking or helping me .he did help with with getting gro in house taking me to dr going to drug store.he is a bad drinker ever day but still keeps his job .he has been so mean to me with words Iam 69 years old and in bad health beside the depression I don't know what to do I treid to talk to him all he said was I want nothing to do with you I do not drink or take drugs only what dr gives me .ineed to talk to some one thanks
rohvannyn responded:
Hi there, welcome to the community! We can definitely be a listening "ear" for you if you need to talk. It sounds like your son is not only unhelpful but actually harmful for you to be near. I'm not sure how easy it is to find them in your area, but you might want to check out social services in your area, because sometimes you can get someone to come in a couple times a week to help get groceries in, or at least rides to the doctor. Check with your public transit agencey too, if you have one nearby. Sometimes they can help.