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Recovering while helping possibly depressed husband
ari119 posted:
Hi! this is my first time posting, but I really need advice.

I´ve suffered depression for most of my life, after trying many meds, I took Zyprexa combined with Wellbutrin, and then just Zyprexa for about 10 years.
3 years ago I finally got off meds, sometimes I take supplements to improve my mood and I was doing better but right now my husband is triggering my depression and anxiety back. For the changes I´ve seen in him I think he has some degree of depression, I talked about it with him about a year ago, but he just attributed it to stress and it sounded right because of what was going on, lately I had noticed his mood getting worse so I talked to him because he´s triggering really bad things for me, but he refuses to go to a Dr., he says he doesn't believe in it.
I´ve come too far in my recovery to not fight this, but I don't know what to do or how to approach it.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
marie8848 responded:
Hi ari119-I have had depressive episodes in my life for many years. I have found that excessive worry and anxiety triggers depression for me. if it lasts a long time. My significant other has had serious bouts of depression since he was a teenager. It is trying for both of us when we are both going through rough times due one or more situations that we cannot control.
Your husband may be depressed, but if he doesn't believe in seeking help, he is placing much stress on you.
Maybe you could try to explain to him that you are trying to help him, and that you really want to, but feel you aren't capable of helping to the point that you feel his mood will change. Stress that you or no one else can help him if he doesn't want to be helped, and that by making that choice he is not only robbing himself of precious more enjoyable times, but he is robbing you of them also. Maybe you could tell him that you want to continue your recovery, and ask for his understanding. If you have been off medications for 3 years and this is first time you feel you are regressing, I would hope that you can continue to med free. For me, that's a goal I currently have, but due to too many "things on my plate", I haven't been able to fully meet this goal yet. I don't know all I'd like to about cognitive behavioral therapy, but all I've read states it is often as good at fighting some types of depression as is medication. I have found that unless one has had experience w/ depression oneself it is difficult to understand. So talking to those who understand is a relief at times. This is my first time on this site, and I'm hoping I'll get some support here as well. I'd be happy to serve as a listening ear. Hope this helps you some.

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