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Looking for a support group
An_256303 posted:
Hi all there,

I suffer from severe depression since 17.Aug.2012. It started with an anger crisis and later exacerbated gradually. I accept to deal with it at its peak point and start to take precautions. After 1,5 year has passed now, I can control my anger and sadness most of the time with the help of regulating my sleep schedule and striving to do daily tasks. I can assume that i treated myself %40-50 , at least that chemical( or biological) anger inside me has vanished and i can sleep much better than before.

But the main problems with me are still pravailing. I can not focus on anything or hardly do it. Also it's very hard for me to remember the things and feel self-confident. I feel guilty for some reason for most of the time, any discussion i accuse myself and i can't express myself enough in the situations that i have right.

One of the hardest thing is maintaning eye-contact with another person. It's very hard for me to sustain eye contact during a normal conversation. I always change my direction, look otherway or look downwards and the person who is telling me something things that i'm weird.

To share all these things i'm looking for an online support group who suffers from depression, bipolar or any other mental illness. I can contact on skype or someother identified website.

And for last, sorry for my english if i made too many mistakes i am not a native speaker. I hope i can find people like me and help each other.

Thanks, Utku
nadiahoney07 responded:
Hi Utku, hail to a fellow sufferer. I have had this MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! At least according to my mom, who basically couldn't stand dealing with a constantly crying baby and probably made it worse since I am extremely intuitive and probably knew she hated me from early on. I have severe depression and lately it has gotten worse. I too want a good support group since it evidently will not come from family and I have few friends since depression has made me extremely agoraphobic where I live. i would love to know that i have someone to turn to when I am at my
deasertrose responded:
Hi Utku, there is a support group you can go to called NAMI ( National Alliance for the Mentally Ill that's ill ) It's on the first and 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6:30 to 8pm. Search it on Google to see if there is a group near you. I don't know if you live in the US or not so I don't know if there is one near you. Hope you find help.
utkuzzz replied to nadiahoney07's response:
Hello Nadia, my depression is also derived from my relationship with mom, she was always unpatient and don't want to stand any of my simple mistake. After my father died, she was completely discouring and unsupportive to me. I guess you can understand how insecure i felt. There is more about my story and also yours. I am sorry for your situation and what you lived before. Depression is a dark hole but sometimes we can see the light above it. I couldn't find how to send you personal message to indicate my skype or facebook account, and i don't want share them here cause anyone may see and may troll me. Please send me a message or contact me somehow share to a social network for better communicating.

utkuzzz replied to deasertrose's response:
Thank You, i am not from US, but i guess i can follow it online and seek for some useful stuff.

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