26 year old son depressed and I don't know what to do for him.
beautifulbuffalo posted:
He is 25, has a 18 month old son who he adores and his wife of 2 years just walked out on him I'm sure with a reason but not giving. she has been going out on weekend with her friends drinking and taking cybalta on top of it.

My son is so depressed he doesn't know what happened. He leaves for work at 5 and gets home around 5-5:30 to be with his family. He has moved in with us because he needs both incomes to pay for the rent. He stays in his room when he is home. He never was a boy to go out drinking as he doesn't drink so he lookied forward to being with his family and going places as a family the best they could money wise.

He is fighting for custody but all they gave him so far was everyother weekend and every other Wednesday. He's lost.
He's a good kid. He's a firemen of 8 years.