Is there a way to commit your self to a psych ward without going to a ER?
kurtis1983 posted:
SORRY ABOUT THE SPELLING (i hope someone can read this and help)

i was told i have like less then 10days of my medacare time left for psych am 30 and i have less then ten days left for my psych stays i am gelssing my stay in the ST hosb took all my time i live in PA and there is a place called philhaven here but i dont think thay will take me back with no time left i just wish there was a place i can stay for the rest of my life but not a ST hosb

i was in inatunson from age 5-21 and that all i know anymore and like i hate being in the wolrd i dont know what to do anymore i am in a program for Autism Spectrum Disorders
i try to tell them how i feel but thay just telkl me i need to be out in the wolrd and things like that i just dont know what to do i cut my legs and things like that and try to play my video games but nothing helps anymore i was told by the ER i was poop out of luck when my medacare time is out i just dont know what to do.....................
susiemargaret responded:
hello, K --

i suspect, but do not know for sure, that once you are released (or discharged) from a psychiatric ward, you have to go back thru the ER to be re-admitted.

ask the hospital if you can talk to a social worker about your options. s/he will know about the medicare rules and how you might find a better living situation.

i hope you can get the help you need.

-- susie margaret
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