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Dr. Schwartz: Question about meds--Xanax, and/or anti-dep.
Anon_963 posted:
Can one become 'addicted' to Xanax, taking the lowest dose 2 times daily (and I take mine 1/2 dose at a time as directed by my doctor) due to side affects always being a problem for me.
Lately, it seems it helps the anxiety but I am so dizzy and feel nauseated so much of the day, and have been on this dosage for about 6 mos. now. I've tried a few anti-dep. but side affects are a real problem so have relied on the Xanax. Does it lose it's effectiveness?
I plan to try another anti-dep. or maybe another anti-anxiety med, if the doctor thinks I need to--the morning's are really bad for me and lately more so in the afternoon. I also have a chronic inner ear problem that causes the same symptoms, and has caused the anxiety and depression to be worse. . Yes, I do see a therapist and that has been a big help. I am one who worries a lot about things I have no control over--that doesn't help. I keep on keeping on, count my blessings and really am trying to deal with this. Just need some more advise. I'm female and mid 70's--and wondering what your thoughts are on this.Thanks.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
it seems like a low dose but some people do become 'tolerant' where the low dose just doesn't work anymore. some people do go through withdrawal when they stop it all at once. some people do get tired/dizzy etc as side effects of the drug itself or sometimes between doses if they go into a little bit of withdrawal. so, like all meds there are pros and cons. it does work well for anxiety but can have side effects
beautifulbuffalo replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
Anon, I took Xanax Xr and was lucky to have no side effects. What low dose are you taking. I was taking 2mg in AM and 2 mg in PM and an occasional 1mg in afternoon. I took it for 5 years but just changed to valium 20mg a day. I was switched though because I suffer muscle spasms in my chest and valium is suppose to help the spasms.

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