i feel like im being punished
buchacat posted:
cant take this anymore. having no family or friends. another fu----- lonely holiday. I am such a good person. Why doesn't god help me? Suicide is the only way out. just like my grandfather did years ago.
dutzdi responded:
I totally relate, I have a very small amount of family and very few friends-neither of these do I see all the time....I feel very introverted and I like to be alone because being with others is stressfull and makes me anxious. I so wish it was not this way! PLEASE DON'T EVEN CONSIDER SUICIDE AS AN OPTION!! What have you tried to do to help situation?! I have you tubed videos, taken a lot of vitamins, talked to councelors......I highly recommend talking to someone cuz speaking your thoughts out loud reveal how distorted our thinking becomes and helps put stuff in perspective. We ALL have our junk and issues, not one of gets away from having crap to deal with. Have you tried reading the Bible? I open mine every night before sleep and I find comfort and I feel a lightening of my sorrows....I got a ton right now!!! I do honestly believe that problems can be fixed, things can change and that we can be happy. Take comfort that you are a good person, I feel the same about me and remind myself of that fact often when I feel low down. Reach out - there are many who are in same place your in and can understand.