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so unfair
sanddoller posted:
About a year ago I was in jail for domestic violence. What happened was I had just started this job for about a week and I was so proud of myself because I'm mentally challenged and it's a blessing to find someone to hire you. I came home to talk about my day to my uncle and dad. They didn't listen. They were too busy watching them hot chicks on NCIS. So I tried to talk to my mom and she was on the phone or either taking care of my 4 yr old nephew. She was so loving and caring toward him and I was like she was never like that toward me when I was four. She gave me weird looks as a child and acted dreadful. So I sent her a text saying I wanted to commit suicide and she ran back into my room and attacked me saying your going to the mental hospital!! so i tried to wiggle myself from her restraining me and yelling in my face so i called my dad for help. He automatically joined her side and was trying to restrain me. He held me by my stomach real hard then my mother stuck her hand in my mouth and because i was so scared and in pain i bite down on it. She looked so relieved when I bite her for some reason. then the cops were called and I got arrested.
An_257437 responded:
Hi my name is Valerie I have serious mental condition and take
alot of meds my illness started back when I was moved from
a place where we liked and back to Virginia. I had trouble
with the other kids in school at an young age. I was in trouble
I was hanging with the wrong crowd some whores I guess I
was one too.I was given pcp in a drink and my world came to
an end we were dirt poor and we had run away from home
with my cousins in south carolina. At 16 i was out of my
body telling them that I couldn't walk I really thought I had
died and gone to hell. I got over that but they didn;t have me
on good meds. so the next year here I go again back there
it was a living nightmare in that place the staff was always
saying and doing things against me. I give God the Glory
for all of it because it has caused me to be close to him
because I depend on him more than I would have if I had
not inherited the illness. I have good memories of my
life and I am unstable physically but thanks to the Lord
of my life and my family I can see that he is prepareing
a place for me. I know I cannot save the world and now
people don't want to hear about Jesus but you know he is
my best friend. I wish I could take away all the pain and
heart ache of people I have been in the hospital for many
times and I have found that people are seriiously ill.
I hope that you will read this sanddollar. I think that I
have the sad for the summer; I love it in the fall when the
weather turns cooler. I am disabled so its hard on me to
get out in the sun and if I get too much sun it will interfear
with my meds. I am not really happy and I make friends
and then they are gone.I feel rejection and paranoia
I have not much patience I don't do the things I used to do
I guess I am going from positive to negative writing this.

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