An_257462 posted:
I am trying to get help with my depression. I am unemployed and have no insurance. Depression is getting worse.
An_257463 responded:
Where do you live? In my area there is a free program called Prestera center for mental health. I would venture to say you might be able to find some similar programs in your area.
bettermind replied to An_257463's response:
I have never heard of that program. I have tried in the county where I live and if you do not have insurance or a job to pay you are out of luck. I can't even get help with medicaid because I live with some one and their income has to be considered even tho this person does not pay my bills. I wouldn't have a place to live if it weren't for them.
slindman replied to bettermind's response:
I was going to say the county too. I lived with my parents and I did not have to include them in the income numbers. I know live with my fianc? in another county and do not include his income. Maybe it's different there. My clinic helps with bills. I'm way under their guidelines and as long as it is medically necessary it is covered. I stay in Allina for everything so my charts are all connected too. Ask your therapist and psychiatrist. There may even be prescription coverage through someone or let your doc know you don't have insurance and maybe they can prescribe something cheaper. Have you looked into support groups in your area? If you had insurance you could try DBT or'll have to google those therapies. I went to a group at my church for a few years. Also self educate from a site you trust like NAMI. Hope something here may help you on your journey!