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I need someone...
madyrachel posted:
I'm 14 & my boyfriend is 18. Yes, I know that sounds bad, & I know everyone is going to say "you're too young to know what live is" but you know what? Age has nothing do with love. I love this boy with all my heart, I really do. I've been walked all over & treated terribly my entire life, & I've cut & been depressed, wanted to die & everything in between. But he sees past that and loves me for who I am, not how I used to be. My mum knows he's 18 & can drive, and she was fine with it, up until we officially got together. Then she told me I lied to her & never told her his age or that he could drive. She said to us both that we couldn't see/talk to each other. Yes, I know my mum is just trying to protect me, but I feel that there is a fine lie between protecting me & taking away the one good thing in my life. Yes, I know I have a lot to be thankful for; a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my plate, etc., - but all of my life, I've never really felt like I had someone who understood me. That is, until he came along. He understands me, he helps me, he's there for me & he makes me happier than you would't believe. I really don't want to lose him. I wish my mom would just see that I love him, & her telling me that she doesn't want us together isn't just going to make my feelings for him go away. & I also wish she would just realize that taking away the one person that I need is just pushing me to becoming who I used to be. I used to be a depressed girl who cut and felt like suicide was the only way out. But he changed me for the better & made me realize that things can & do get better if you just put your best foot forward and find someone who loves you & cares about you & understands. My entire life, I've been looking for someone like him, & now that I've found him, he's being taken away from me by the one person who should want me to be happy more than anything. & like I said, yes, I know my mum is probably just trying to protect me, but taking away what I need is't protecting me, it's making me feel worse.
Also, I don't understand why she won't let me be with him. He's never had sex, ever drank, never smoked cigarettes or done drugs. He's got great grades & he's going to be going to Penn State. He's super respectful & he wouldn't hurt me, & if he did, I know he would take the consequences for it. I wouldn't ever care if she would only let me see him if it was under her supervision or in her house. Honestly, I wouldn't. I don't care, we have nothing to hide. I just don't want to lose him & I wish she could see that I love this both with all my heart & soul. I've never felt this way for anyone in my entire life. Sure, him & I may not last, but what if we do? We'll never get the chance to find out if she does this..

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