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stammering while talking to people
srahil posted:
I had a big problem in my life i don't know what to do.
1. Whenever i talk to people i stammer..and when I'm alone and i talk to myself i don't stammer at all.
2. if i have to do some work, and it is new to me, my heart beat goes fast and i always become nervous
3. If i has an interview i prepare well at home and when the interviwer ask me questions i always stammer and my mouth and throat becomes dry i have to take water in every minute.
I feel like hopeless and always in depression..please help me out of it
jaljewel responded:
When I was in college, I had to take medicine for depression. It made me stammer when I talked. I had never had this and it made me not talk to anyone, it was really hard. I was able to go off the meds luckily and didn't have future problems. Have you talked to your doctor about it? Maybe it is anxiety or something that could be helped.. Hope this helps
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Hi, you may have performance or social anxiety. See if webMD has an anxiety page or community or search it for social anxiety disorder. cognitive behavior therapy is very effective and there are a few FDA approved medications that could help.. please ask your doctor for ideas as this is a pretty treatable anxiety condition