suicidal behavior...silent requests
An_257681 posted:
When is enough is enough? I have realized it is the best for "loved ones"

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sw3tflower responded:
That's a difficult question as everyone's different. Many times I have felt I reached the end. Life's not worth living. My emotional pain is so unbearable it's physical. I see no future and I am so alone.
That's when I say "One more day" Hold on one more day.
Nothing prepared me for PTSD. That's the day I died. The person I was, died, and the shell of my body lived. I am no longer the same person I was before. I act totally different, always afraid, I hide, my thinking is different, things I loved to do I don't care about anymore. I LOVED to celebrate Xmas and decorated and had all the family over for Xmas dinner. I feel nothing at Xmas anymore. I am confused, can't make decisions, I get lost, overwhelmed.
But I still say "One more day. Give it one more day"
rohvannyn replied to sw3tflower's response:
I think the time to be most concerned would be when sadness turns to complete apathy. If someone is sad, they are at least still feeling. When I have been closest to suicide, it wasn't when I was sad, it was when I could no longer see the point to anything at all. I couldn't change because I just didn't care. How to make someone care? Sometimes a shock helps, sometimes logic, sometimes it's a mystery how to help.
sw3tflower replied to rohvannyn's response:
You are right on. Apathy, being unable to feel sadness, anger, hurt, any emotions at all. That is the state I was in after the event that I say ended my life. I felt nothing after the shock wore off. I saw no future, just a black hole. I didn't even know who I was or where I had gone. Just empty, a nothingness that I called an empty shell.
I guess my mind said enough is enough.
Total apathy is definitely a big red flag.