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    Tell me about your psychiatrist...
    Thomas L Schwartz, MD posted:

    Take the Poll

    I am curious... if you see a psychiatrist for meds only (someone else does your psychotherapy), how many minutes does your doctor spend with you on average?
    • 5 min
    • 10 min
    • 15 min
    • 30 min
    • 45min or more
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    Loiskay responded:
    Hi, I just responded that my psychiatrist spends about 30 minutes with me each time, but would qualify that to say that when appointments have been more than four weeks apart, she spends longer with me, and when I have been very troubled by something, she also spends longer with me. Sometimes our appointments are about one hour long.
    ffltat responded:
    We tend to spend about 15 min together. Review of med, how is therapy going and what is new or different. Although there have been times that I have opened up to he a little and then we do take longer. The only time I have spent an hour with him was our first consult.
    An_203255 responded:
    Dr. Schwartz, just curious, how long do you spend? Or if that isn't the right question bc of differences in practices/clinics and how they're set up, did you expect to see a certain amount of time? Not many people have responded yet, hard to gauge
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    This is such an interesting question, that I hope others will respond. I'd like to hear what you all have to say too.

    (And Anon_23311... that's a good question, too! )
    Thomas L Schwartz, MD replied to An_203255's response:
    Thanks for the current input. There is not a right/wrong answer here. I am truly curious. For follow up sessions I afford patients 30min. If folks are doing superwell, the session may take 10min bu I allow 30min. If not going well or we are makinglots of med changes, we use all 30. Some sessions are 60minutes which depends on staffing levels at my office, the patient, what day of the week it is.... But 30 is average.
    Also- some docs at big practices or public practices aren't their own boss and are forced to see a patient every 15min which I personally think is pushing it. In areas low on psychiatrists this is common too as the idea is that 15min of psych care is better than zero...
    So- yes it does depend on many factors
    JackieLynn07 responded:
    U said Meds only, I am given 5-7 mins. f/ a Meds ck. & 20-30 mins. f/ therapy.
    shay_brandy responded:
    just wanted to say that in my town Springfield, MO there is a crisis on shortages in psychiatrists especially in pediatrics. usually we wait in the waiting room for an hour to an hour and a half waiting to be seen.. and then we are seen for usually 5 mins after the nurse has done the weigh-ins and all. Sometimes we dont even see our psychiatrist and we see a tele--- something or other.. where the physician is in a television and we have sort of a teleconfrence for 5 mins. So its, to me, very unprofessional. Not to mention the very first time he was prescribed a med by a psychiatrist even then we only spoke for about 5 minutes.
    An_203256 responded:
    My psychiatrist is a priest, we used 50 mins. and I like the way he help me deal with my problems. He listen and have me to write down what goes on day by day in a tablet. So, on my next visit we discuss that or what ever bothering me.
    An_203257 replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
    Dr. Schwartz, I am honestly not surprised--you seem so kind in your replies and attention to people who are in distress, and to be willing to do this online. You've provided me quite a bit of reassurance. Thank you.
    zephyrjude replied to JackieLynn07's response:
    Do you find that that is enough time for you? Are you satisfied? Does this mean you do not see a private therapist for therapy?
    zephyrjude replied to shay_brandy's response:
    mommys1521 replied to zephyrjude's response:
    I see 3 therapist at a local mental health center. I thank they are supposed to only see you for only 30 mins. at a time. One of my therapist talks to me every Wednesday for over an hour every week he is supposed to be seeing me just for the eating disorder but we do talk about other things. The other two therapist we talk about what is going on in my life and the depression. sometimes i will see them both at the same time. and other times once a month a long. to talk about meds. but it i all ways over an hour sometimes two.
    ragu1 responded:
    I answered the questionaire also, mine is a little different as my therapy is with my personal physician. Always about 30 min but if I need more he is there for me!!

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