Habituation? (Can you get used to a medication?)
An_203267 posted:
Hi, I've been taking Wellbutrin for five years and right now I don't think it is working--is it possible for your body to get used to something, so it doesn't work anymore? Is there any other reason why something that worked one way for a while would stop working or stop working the same way? After switching from Lexapro to Wellbutrin a lot of side effects disappeared (weight gain, loss of interest in sex), but now I'm pretty much back where I was five years ago. Plus depressed, anxious, "checking" everything constantly, can't sleep, can't make any decisions, and feeling really--well, not good at all. Thanks for any insights.
Lost_Liger13 responded:
hey anon
yes your body can get used to medications which most likely will lead to higher dosage
my body has 'worked around' my meds before an i think is doing it agian.
so yes its likely it could be happening
jselleck replied to Lost_Liger13's response:
dtto to that. I've had to change meds before because my bod quit working with them and so has my husband's uncle. In fact he routinely has to change meds ever 2-3 years because they won't work any more.