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How do you know if you are depressed or just anti-social?
An_203345 posted:
This may be answered somewhere already but I have been throwing this around for years now. How do you know if you really are depressed? For example, I have been struggling to focus at work for several years now..and by focus I mean, I can be at work all day and do nothing but answer some emails, maybe read some management articles, but I avoid everything that has to do with people at all costs. if my phone rings, i cringe. After work, I can't wait to shower and change into pjs and if all goes well I can take a nap before bed. i do take care of my responsibilities, i will work out because i know how important that is, & i want to be healthy. Weekends I may go to sleep between 10-11, and wake up at 10-11. I get mad if someone plans something and I have to go somewhere, because i would rather stay in sweats or pjs and nap on and off all day all weekend, every weekend. I usually give in and go, but i find myself unable to enjoy anything. I tend to sit and watch people, like I'm not really there. I am quiet, it's a struggle to get up each day and go to work but i know i have to or I won't have $ to pay bills. I am not suicidal, but do hate my job. maybe it's just that, i dont' know. I just don't feel right, or normal. hard to explain, it just feels like something is off. I grew up with a depressed parent and knwo how bad it can be, and i've always told myself i will not be them. i know the signs, i do positive affirmations every day, i believe in God, i try to eat right, exercise, etc. i had to take care of my mom when depressed, but maybe i'm just trying to talk myself out of it? it has such a stigma with it, and i feel like it's a weakness if i admit it.. ive always been told i'm too quiet and all that crap. I would rather read or sleep, than do anything outside but I do what i have to do as far as responsibilities because i know that i have to to survive. does it sound like i'm just antisocial, shy, bored, unhappy with job or is it depression? i do feel anxious at times too, like i just can't sit still, and i know my sister has also expressed concern about herself with depression but she and her dr are trying different hormone things first. ive thought maybe i should tell my dr. but maybe if i keep trying i can talk myself into getting over it. i don't go to the dr unless i'm sick, so i hate to go for this. any thoughts?
calcedonia01 responded:
Depression has a number of feelings that you have to have to be declared to have depression, ex: low mood, poor food intake, tiredness. Sometimes you need to be checked by a regular family doctor to make sure it is not a low thyroid for example. Depression takes on many different faces. So no matter how you feel have it checked out by someone.

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