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How long would it take for 60mg of fluoxetine to leave my system?
DonniiDani posted:
How long would it take for 60mg of fluoxetine to leave my system? I've been taking the generic form of Prozac, called fluoxetine, for not even two years now. I'm on 60mg (20mg, 3 capsules each daily) and I was wondering how long it will take for it to leave my system where it is safe enough to take a medicine that does not allow any SSRIs.
Also, if there is any quicker way to flush the fluoxetine out of my system, please tell, whether it be detox or exercise and gallons of water.
I'm quitting the pill cold turkey.
ripcmw responded:
You really shouldn't do that. Talk to your doctor! QUitting a pill like that could cause problems. Please talk to your doctor before you quit! Let us know how you do.
One Day At A Time Where There is a Will, There is a Way
kathycornflakes replied to ripcmw's response:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT quit cold turkey! Take it from someone who quit an antidepressant cold turkey- I was only taking it for 6 months, so I thought I would be ok- I was SO wrong. Please talk to your Dr first. It is so much better to taper off slowly. Is there a certain reason why you are so anxious to stop ASAP?
iamsaved responded:
Please do not go off of prozac cold turkey. I did that four months ago and it was a living hell. I was off cold turkey for 12 weeks and had all sorts of side effects, I could barely function. I went on his is a good solution for me. It calmed my side effects and now I am weened down from 45mg. to 3/4 of a pill = 33.5 mg I will stay at this level for 6 weeks then go down again another 1/4 of a tablete. I have found that I am very sensitive to any meds. that is why I am tappering off so slowly. I hope to be off completely but if I still have these depessed and anxious fellings then I will try what worked before which was effexor. Please don't cold turkey the side effects are just to hard to take. Hang in there and just remember there are good days ahead.
God Bless
DonniiDani replied to kathycornflakes's response:
yes, there is a reason, diet pills.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Prozac takes about 4 weeks to leave your system. If you are going to go on an MAOi?, wait at least that long. Don't change your prozac without the advice of your doc. The nice thing about prozac is that it is the least likely to cause a withdrawal effect. I also never quit it cold turkey..
DonniiDani replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
I'm wanting to get off my medicine so I can try this new product called OxyElite Pro.
loopybjm responded:
loopybjm POSTED: I recently tried to go cold turkey on my ambien and cut back on my lexapro. I was making a very big mistake by not discussing this first with my doctor. Due to severe withdrawal symptons I wound up in the ER for over seven hours. I literally thought I was toxic and dying. The following week I passed out in the waiting room of my primary care's doctor's office. I was a complete mess. plus I had to pay over $100 for my copay. I am back on my meds and being very cautious with trying to reduce the dosage through my doctor's recommendations. It works better that way for sure. I wish you sucess and happiness.

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