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Can I take melatonin or 5HTP while on prozac?
Knight0fFire posted:
I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and severe insomnia and recently had to be taken off my sleep medication but I have already tried about 7 different sleep medications and nothing works so at the moment I am only taking 30mg of Prozac. The problem is that since I've been taken off my sleep medication I don't get sleep (I maybe sleep about 3hrs a night). So I heard melatonin is good for sleep and 5HTP is good for sleep and depression but I don't know if I can take both or one or the other with my Prozac. (I would only be taking the melatonin or 5HTP for a month or 2).
ripcmw responded:
I am not a medical doctor nor do I know what to tell you about what you asked. I just wanted to say WELCOME! I have not seen you here yet and would like to welcome you. We are all here to help each other and welcome new people. I hope you get an answer soon. Sorry I couldn't help you. Hopefully I can in other ways.
One Day At A Time Where There is a Will, There is a Way
kathycornflakes replied to ripcmw's response:
Hello- Definatley ask your Dr FIRST! Esp since 5htp affects seratonin levels. I know it is so frustrating not to sleep well, but you want to be sure that you will be safe. I am not a Dr, but I know that it is NOT a good idea to mix anti-depressants with many OTC meds- even those that are supposed to be "natural."
susiemargaret responded:
hello, K --

do not take 5-HTP (see PS1) along with prozac/fluoxetine (PS2). this combination can lead to an extremely dangerous interaction that can cause heart problems.

there is some evidence that taking melatonin (PS3) can make symptoms of depression worse. in addition, one of the common side effects of prozac is drowsiness; this suggests that combining prozac and melatonin could lead to excessive drowsiness, a danger if you plan to do anything other than sleep.

frankly, i would not take any over-the-counter drugs along with the prozac without talking with your dr first.

why do you say that you would be taking the OTC meds for only a month or two?

i hope you can get some rest, but i truly don't think that you should use 5-HTP or melatonin to do so as long as you are taking the prozac.

-- susie margaret

PS1 -- webMD info on 5-HTP is at 5-HTP.aspx?activeIngredientId=794&activeIngredientName=5HTP (5-HTP)&source=2 . note the very strong warning against using it at all because of doubts about its safety, in addition to the specific warning under the "interactions" tab that you should not take 5-HTP if you are taking prozac.

PS2 -- webMD info on prozac/fluoxetine is at Oral.aspx?drugid=6997&drugname=Prozac Oral&source=2 .

PS3 -- webMD info on melatonin is at . info suggesting that melatonin may make symptoms of depression worse is under both the "uses" tab and the "side effects" tab.
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
Knight0fFire replied to susiemargaret's response:
ok I wont use any. I was recently taken off lunesta for sleep because it was causing PTSD episodes and it would only be a month or 2 because all my VA paper work should be done and I'll be getting medical help with them (I was just discharged form the army and currently have no DR just a large supply of prozac)
susiemargaret replied to Knight0fFire's response:
hello, K --

i'm very relieved you won't take the 5-HTP or the melatonin!

i thought i heard a radio interview that said the VA was working to get their act together in terms of getting medical care for veterans, esp immediately post-discharge and esp re depression and PTSD treatment. two months is the best they can do?

thank you for your service. i know it requires sacrifices that the rest of us are privileged to avoid, so we are very grateful to you.

-- susie margaret
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.

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