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Does Saphris show on drug test?
brook2009 posted:
I'm prescribed Saphris to boost medication Paxeva for depression and anxiety. I didn't start taking it yet. Next week I'm supposed to take drug test for new job in the hospital. I wanted to know if this drug shows on drug test, and do I have to disclose that I'm taking this drug if I decide to start taking, it and be judge by my new employer (it is used to treat bipolar and schiz. which I'm not). Should I hold off and start taking it after my drug test? I don't even know if this drug will benefit me.
PrincessLeia56022 responded:
I have only had a drug test once. It was also for a job. I disclosed my antidepressant (Lexapro) that I was taking just to be on the safe side. I figure that it is better to be honest in case something turns up.
susiemargaret responded:
hello, B --

i don't think i can answer your Q except by exclusion. i've looked at several websites that list meds that can cause a false positive on drug tests, and saphris/asenapine (see PS1) does not appear on any of them. neither does pexeva/paroxetine mesylate (PS2). this doesn't tell you definitively what you want to know, obviously.

as for warning your employer before you take the test that a med you are taking might cause a false positive versus waiting to see if you test positive and then explaining why, i don't have a view. however, because of the absence of saphris from the lists of meds that might cause a false positive test result, i think if it were me, i would wait and see what the test results were and then explain if i had to. nonetheless, this is a judgment that only you can make.

it might be helpful for you to call your prescribing dr and ask what s/he knows about the possibility of either of your meds causing you to test positive on a drug test. you might also ask him/her if -- should you test positive -- s/he would be willing to write a letter explaining that you have been prescribed the saphris to "help with" depression.

i suggest the "help-with" language because the FDA-approved label for saphris (PS3) does not include depression as an approved use. however, on many mainstream websites i have seen numerous references to the practice of using saphris as an adjunct to antidepressants; this suggests to me that there must be articles in the professional literature -- altho in an admittedly cursory search i did not run across any (PS4) -- justifying this off-label use.

i hope this helps somewhat.

-- susie margaret

PS1 -- webMD info on saphris/asenapine is at SL.aspx?drugid=152902&drugname=Saphris SL&source=2 .

PS2 -- webMD info on pexeva/paroxetine mesylate is at Oral.aspx?drugid=78102&drugname=PEXEVA Oral&source=2 .

PS3 -- the FDA-approved label for saphris is at .

PS4 -- just because i didn't run across any of these types of articles in a cursory search does not mean that they aren't out there; it just means that i didn't run across any.
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
dave36301 responded:
having been drug tested on every job i've had over the past twenty some odd years, i can tell you this, don't take any chances. if you start taking the before you test, tell them. if you don't start till after the test then you don't have to tell. some places say a positive that you don't tell the about is still a positive.
Jeune1 replied to PrincessLeia56022's response:
Agree w/ SM that you should talk to your doctor. Also think you should call the hospital's HR department (don't identify yourself) and ask what their policy is.

Finally, here is some information about the Americans with Disabilities Act, section on employees with mental illnesses:

You might also contact NAMI to see if they have any guidance.
Jeune1 replied to Jeune1's response:
Whoops. Replied to wrong person.

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