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    I'm in terrible pain!
    Jayne4694 posted:
    I have so many medical issues going on right now it's just making me totaly confused. I'm having severe pain in my neck and arm again. I've been in Physical Therapy for 2 months. I was doing good, then all of a sudden god awful stabbing pain. Friday I almost took myself to the ER, but instead they fit me into the Physical Therapist that I see. Since my accident in June I have been experienceing severe headaches and they are getting worse. The pain sometimes goes in my eyes and it feels like someone is stabbing me in my eye's along with the severe headache. My memory wasn't so good after the accident and now it's so bad it's affecting my job. I have to write everything down and then still I look at my calendar and just can't obsorb what I wrote down. I'm still haveing chest pain, but all tests came back negative so the Dr.'s were like done. No return visit, no follow up nothing. So I went and got a second opinion. He has scheduled me for an MRI scan of my brain. Even though I had a cat scan after the accident. He said sometimes there are closed head injuries that you don't see right away or on a cat scan. He said they should have done another cat scan before releasing me from the hospital. I did have the severe concussion and they said that's why I'm having the headaches. But they are getting worse and nobody gave me any pain medication. I'm suffering.
    I also have to see a neurologist. I don't know when these 2 appts. are, but the nurse is suppose to be scheduling them. I'm also suffering from extreme fatigue. I leave for work at 6:25am and get to work at 6:50, then leave 3pm. But it gets to about 10:00am and I'm so tired I have all I can do to stay awake. What is going on with me. I can't take this pain anymore. It's making me severely depressed. I told my PT I was ready to give up and she said she wouldn't allow it. Oh my god I can't take this pain and suffering anymore.
    ffltat responded:
    Hello Jayne,

    I understand how you feel. I have a hernyated disc in my neck. It causes pain in the neck and shoulders that radiate down both arms. It also causes some of my fingers to go numb. I am also having these same symtoms in my lower back with radating pain to both of my legs. I have had chest pains since I was 13 (now 47). The headaches started in my 20's. i can get pain at the base of my skull that stabes through my jaw and up into one eye.

    When I am in pain I can't consentrate. the worse the pain in the more depressed that I get. I finaly went to a chyropractor, who now I see weekly. He suggested that I was suffering from PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder). With his encouragement I went to see a therapist. Everything was caused by the PTSD.

    You have been in an accident. your body could still be responding to that stress. It is called fight or flight response. Your whole body tenses up to get ready to fight or flee. That tension can cause headaches, chest pain, compression of the disc in the spine leading to pain around the spine and in the arms and legs.

    From what you say all of your symtoms started with the accident. It would help to talk to a therapist, if for no other reason than to help you with the depression. But you may find that it helps with the physical symtoms.

    With in three months of starting to see my tdoc I had a significant change in the frequency of my headaches. I was having them twice a week. now I am down to once every three months.

    talk to your Doctors about this. It may help your symtops to talk with a tdoc about your accident.

    There is help and releif for your pain. Do not give up.

    Take care
    larsstarscanary responded:
    I hope you feel better soon; I wish I could help.

    Please don't give up. There will be an end to the pain--I have had headaches like you decribed, but mine came from medication, not a head injury.

    It's amazing you can work while going through all that is happening to you.

    I hope you have no more pain and suffering!
    nanypat responded:
    I can relate to the headache and pain in the eye. Those are the same symptoms I have when I have cluster headaches.( a type of migraine I was told.) They have gotten better over time. I now take a medication that helps prevent them so when they do come they are milder thank goodness. I am sorry you are in so much pain. I will keep you in my prayers.

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