Getting off Effexor
readseverything57 posted:
I've been on 150mgs. of Effexor for 7+ years. My life has changed for the better, menopause is over and I'd like to be drug-free. I've heard and read that coming off Effexor is a nightmare. Has anyone ever kicked Effexor without the horrible withdrawal? I'm afraid to try.
fishnic responded:
Hello, the only way I was able to get off Effexor was to get my doc. to step me down til I was at the lowest then was able to get off without any withdrawal. I'm glad you want to be drug-free. Just be careful because if you've been on Effexor and then you go off you might go back to the way it use to be. I hope you don't need it. Good luck!
susiemargaret responded:
hello, R --

when my psychiatrist and i decided that i should quit taking effexor XR, i was really scared because of all of the horror stories i had read about it. at the time i was taking 150 mg/day, if i'm remembering correctly.

i took at least two months to do it and didn't have a problem. first i switched to the same dosage but on "regular" effexor, not XR, for a week or so. then i started reducing my dosage by 12.5 to 15 mg every week -- no more than that, and taking each reduced dosage for a whole week before going to the next reduction.

i have read that some drs add a small dose of prozac/fluoxetine -- 10 mg or so -- to help while someone is quitting effexor. i didn't ever feel like i needed that, but i wouldn't have hesitated to ask.

so my advice is to go very, very slowly. if it seems that you are starting to feel withdrawal symptoms -- which, believe me, you will know! -- go back up a step and come down even more slowly. you've been on it for seven yrs; there is no reason to think you have to stop taking it within two weeks.

one more thing -- i would not try to quit taking more than one med at a time. if you are taking more than one, only stop taking one, then do the others one by one.

-- susie margaret
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kathycornflakes replied to susiemargaret's response:
I must agree with the previous posts. I tried to stop taking it last spring. I was at 75mg and was only taking it for 6 months. I tried to stop cold turkey-HUGE mistake!!!! I did not take it for 4 days and I was pretty much a mess. I ended up in the ER begging for more just to feel like a human! I am now up to 150mg and have been on that dose for several months. I am way too scared to stop taking it! Take everyone's great advise- work with your doctor and go as slow as you can. Esp since you have been on it so long. Good luck! : )