Sports Depression Compounded.
larsstarscanary posted:
Does anyone else get depressed when nothing else but sports is on tv or if your favorite programs on tv have been preempted because of sports? I get extremely depressed when this happens. (And it's compounded by the fact that my cats have diarrhea and constipation...Things seem so dreary....I want to scream and run away!)
lazydazey responded:
Not only do I get depressed, I get irritated! My husband LOVES sports (at least Baseball and Football), he will be watching several games simultaneously, switching back and forth, it drives me up the wall! Thank goodness we have more than one t.v., I hide in the bedroom and watch something else, or go read a book, or go online. Sorry about your cats, hope they feel better, I have 3 myself. Take care.
larsstarscanary replied to lazydazey's response:
Thanks for your reply, LazyDazey.

I started watching a food channel and felt okay.

2 of my cats had diarrhea--Boiled chicken and white rice seem to have helped--Yea! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The other cat had some constipation, but she seems to be better now.