TV addict
runamok76 posted:
Is anyone else addicted to TV I guess its become my distraction tool I feel ok while I'm watching TV but when I'm not I feal anxious and depressed. I feel like such an idiot there are so many things I'd rather be doing and need to do, but it like a compulsion. I sit and watch TV all day long. Help!
beckyred responded:
I watch TV every waking moment!!! I don't go outside, I hat to go to the store...I don't like being around people!!! I do communicate with the outside world though, I am addicted to Facebook...that and TV...that's it. I go to school online, that does take up a couple hours a day, but even then I am watching TV...I feel your pain
Ashaan responded:
Yes, I admit to being a tv addict ... I use it to keep my mind quiet, to keep me from thinking about my (lack of) self-worth and esteem. I also use it to drown out noises at night, and have slept with the tv on all night for years. Since I lost my job in September, and job-hunting has been extremely frustrating, I use tv to keep from thinking. I am getting ready to begin training at my city's zoo, so hope that will help get me out of the tv habit.

I wish everyone with this particular problem the very best in finding other avenues to help them deal with what is going on in their lives that tv has become a tool to cope.

JAH726 replied to Ashaan's response:
My husband has been working on and off (mostly off) for 3 years and he is completely addicted to TV - it's on all day and night and he sleeps with it on. It drives me insane since I am not a TV watcher. This conversation here has been extremely valuable because I now understand that the TV drowns out his depressive thoughts over being able to find a steady job in his field and he uses it as a coping mechanism, you are all so right.
brinda123 responded:
I am 22 years old and pursuing a masters degree. Since I have classes only in the evening I stay home all day watching TV or movies online. The reason I chose this program was to work on my writing during the day. My addiction has not only affected my writing but my studies also. I can't even concentrate one day before my exam. I have a huge tuition fee loan and my course is expensive and I feel like I'm ruining my whole life. I have tried to stop but I guess it is difficult to do it by myself. I think it would be nice if we could make a common plan and work on it together. We could keep each other motivated.
itmatsb replied to brinda123's response:
Perhaps you suffer from depression as the man above is. Try seeing a counselor at your college. Most colleges have them. And more than that, see a doctor to see about getting some anti-depressants. You are definately escaping from your mental state otherwise. Good luck.