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What drug finally worked for you?
wylee21 posted:
How many anti depressant drugs did you try before
you found one that worked for you?

what drug are you now taking??
thanks for all answers!

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How many anti depressant drugs did you try before
you found one that worked for you?
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kathycornflakes responded:
I tried 3 different meds and several different dosages. I now take Effexor xr. I had to increase the dosage to finally get it to where I am ok. It does not have the best reputation, but it seems to be good for me right now.
sheila000 responded:
I am bipolar but spend much time in long deep depression. I have tried 5 meds or more and was recently put on remeron. I really don't have a lot of hope for a magic bullet that will get rid of depression forever. I find if I exercise, eat better, try and not isolate and do things I enjoy, I feel better. Depression can become a way of life, one I don't want any more. I don't think meds alone are the answer.
wylee21 responded:
I hope more people will take this poll.
I have tried about everything there is!
Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Celexa,
Symbiax (which made me scarily suicidal)
Lexapro, and now, Pristiq, which I have been
on for 7 days now and I have noticed nothing
except that I am unable to
orgasm during sex, (same side effect as
Prozac and Lexapro, very annoying to me,
and my husband.)
1icare responded:
I can't remember exactly how many but I know that some work better than others and sometimes it can take more then one at a time.All have side effects but some are worth taking if it means you preventing suicide.Also it takes more than a week for it to work.Getting the right dose also or combination but for me Effexor XR and Cymbalta do work the best.Talk to the doctor and be honest about everything.If not see a different doctor and don't stop taking meds until you do.Good luck.
1icare replied to sheila000's response:
Great advise! I think you are not only smart but brave.I'm not bipolar but I am clinical depressed.I refused to feel sick.
onthejourney responded:
I have been on generic Prozac since September and I haven't been able to tell much of a difference. I have depression, but my anxiety gets so bad it feels crippling. I also have some generic ativan, but no luck there since it puts me to sleep and makes me feel too "fuzzy". I never wanted to be on any meds, but I know they help many and I am willing if it means help in getting better. I see a therapist, but have taken a break since I started a temporary job. Having an overwhelming morning, and feel like this job, even though only temporary, is just another means of avoidance of my issues. My anxiety has been worse than ever and feel there is really no cure "out there" if you know what I mean. And my youngest child turned 7 yesterday. She brings me such joy, but I just don't know where the years went.

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