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    Depression & Spiritual problems
    thatgirl93 posted:
    I've been recently diagnosed with depression. I'm taking Wellbutrin for it. Anyways, I was wondering if there were other people with depression who also have their depression made worse when people bash your beliefs, especially when it comes to the existance of God, whether it be in person or on the internet. Lately, I feel this urge to cry when I see some comments atheists make about people like me for being a Christian. I myself am friends with a couple of atheists, but the ones I'm referring to are ones that are very self righteous. Because of my beliefs, I am often accused of being stupid, ignorant, uneducated etc. This makes my depression flare up more. I was just wanted to know if there are others in a similiar situation. Thanks.
    susiemargaret responded:
    hello, TG --

    i am not in your position; i am a buddhist if i am anything, but it is absolutely outrageous for others to make fun of your religious beliefs. depression is such a heartless enemy that we need every weapon we have in order to keep it under control; if your beliefs as a christian help sustain you in time of sorrow, then you should lean on them. no one has the right to say that your faith is adequate or inadequate as a source of comfort for you.

    -- susie margaret
    what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
    An_203895 responded:
    thatgirl, i am a Christian and haven't experienced exactly what you are, not with athiests but with others. but as a Christian you need to remember you are loved, valued and important to God!! don't let these so called friends get you down. being Christian isn't a cure-all. God lets us work thru things during our recovery to give us the utmost stability in the end, not quick fixes. if necessary permanently separate yourself from those that bring you down. YOU need to take charge of either setting them straight or ending bad relationships.
    jjchosenjj responded:
    You are a child of God! Never! Never, let a unbeliever make you feel stupid, uneducated or ignorant. In there so called wisdom they are unable to see how foolish they are. If their statements bother you....dont read them anymore and dont associate w those who talk to you as such. It important to suround yourself w fellow brothers and sisters. Fellowship is all too important and far too many a Christian says, " I dont need to go to church and be around all those people, I have a relationship w God!" They're the ones who faith when tested is weak. Read Romans 1:16-32
    tazmandavid responded:
    If you need your faith in God restored, look at on youtube a video called you are not depressed, you are distracted and this video is very positive and talks about how god loves you no matter what and that you are a good person and that if someone gives you a thousand reasons to be sad or depressed, give them a thousand and one reasons to be happy and not depressed. I hope this might help.
    tazmandavid responded:
    Hello again, I just was listening to some music that might help with what you are dealing with. I guess you could say I believe in Music Therapy, could be beause my Mother in Law has Alzheimer's and they say that helps wth that. Anyway, I listen to alot of Heavy Metal and I know what you are thinking, that music is nasty and mean, well not all is and I listen to quite a bit of this music that is quite the opposite. I even listen to some that is called Christian Metal and I am Jewish, so that goes to show that music is universal. Well, this one song called Sign of the Cross talks about Ancient times and the Lord. Here is a bit of the words: Moses got carvings in stone.
    Imposed to judge those who do not fear the only, the holy, the lord.The blood of anger and pain. Ink of the Old Testament.
    I know they'll end their crusade,drown in the blood of the lamb. You have been the chosen one,so welcome to this place. Bring back the seal from the men who don't know what they do. Seemed to be a fool without and own way of life.
    But you've been a sleeping mind and you woke up on time.
    You've got the power to save us and finally you. A dream is forever. The land of salvation can't drown. What I get from this is that you did not ask for depression for whatever is the reason that you have it now and that you should not fear others who would Bash your religion, maybe they fear the Lord God and worry what will become of themselves when it's their time. Also you have to think of what you are needing to do to get out of the Depressive State is sort of like a Crusade that you have to win to be free. Also as it says you are the chosen one, unfortunately to suffer with Depression, but you need to recover yourself and in a way understand that these people that Bash your religion maybe don't know what they are doing, maybe they do, but still in a way with Depression it can be like a sleeping mind and if you wake up on time you can save yourself and who knows maybe the others who don't want to understand, you can change their way of looking at things, I know that has happened to me with the Medication I am now on called Lamactil, it has turned my negative thoughts to so far not so negative, hopefully will turn to positive thoughts in the future. The last part of the words from the song is basically true, A Dream is Forever that Nobody can Drown, but more like put away for a time until you need it again. I don't know if these words have helped in any way, I know for me listening to this music gives me reason to go on, if even for moments of the day this helps me. It's like a little ray of light that I grab a hold of and try to make it bigger, I don't always succeed, but you have to keep trying. Also I try to focus on the ones in my life who are positive in my life, whether Family, Children, Friends, Therapists, Doctors, etc. Just Keep The Faith and I am sure God will show you the way.I know My Mother keeps saying that she keeps Praying that one day I will be Better and Done with all of this that I am having to go through, and so should you, just keep praying for a better day when there is no hatred among others because of Race, Color, Religion, etc. Well, Take Care and hope this helps, Let me Know.
    Silverwings_2010 responded:
    Those people are trying to fight a battle against the Lord, with words. They are not directed at you, but, at him. If you can remind yourself of this, when it happens, perhaps it will lessen their effect upon you. Also, would it be possible to avoide the places on the net where the atheists hang out? I was on a secualar board for about two years, as a witness to the Lord, the attacks upon me were great, but, he kept me thru it, because he wanted me there for that period of time. When it was over, and time to move on, he lifted his protection. Perhaps this will help as well.

    And remember, no matter what anyone says... or does... that cannot change anything, where God is concerned. He is, was and always will be. They will come and go.

    You are blessed....
    jjchosenjj replied to jjchosenjj's response:
    Meant 1cor 18-31
    tiffanysue22 responded:
    I am in a similar situation that you are in, but have been diagnosed with depression for a long time. I am in between medicine treatments and am really struggling. My issue is that with my Christian friends, they feel I need to leave everything to God. Just rely on Him. No meds. My work (non Christian) friends mock me by asking where is God now?, and where are your meds. I have all of the faith that I can in God and turn to Him always. In two weeks I can start on medication again. Until then, I feel like I'm going to explode by keeping all of my feelings hidden behind a happy face.
    thatgirl93 replied to Silverwings_2010's response:
    Thanks. I'll take your advice.
    thatgirl93 replied to tazmandavid's response:
    Thank you. I do use music therapy. I listen to all kinds, but it's usually metal and hard rock. I do see a school adjustment counselor and a therapist. They're quite helpful. But it also doesen't help that I've got social phobia in addition to depression. I'm starting to attack one day at a time instead of the whole week, and I'm gonna see how that goes.
    thatgirl93 replied to tazmandavid's response:
    I do use music therapy. I listen to mostly metal and hard rock. I do also have social phobia, so that doesen't help with the depression. I do however see a school adjustment counselor and a therapist outside of school, and they're quite helpful. I'm also starting to try to tackle each day at a time, instead of being worried about the whole week. I'll tell you how that goes.
    tazmandavid replied to thatgirl93's response:
    Funny enough I suffer with Asperger's Syndrome which the main component is Social Anxiety and I have that real bad. I can't even talk on the phone to call a Store like Wal Mart to ask when they close. Also I could never get in front of a group of people or Go to parties or even it was hard to see my Aunt's and Uncle's. So I know how that is. I am sure this has made it hard for you as it has me to get a job or even want to work because you know you will have to deal with people. At least that's how it is for me. I haven't worked in over 10 years and frankly don't want to work Patially because of the Social Anxiety and also because I am so depressed and Feel Frustrated because of all the jobs I was fired from. I did mention in my other post that I listen to alot of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. I just was hearing the latest from ASIA the Classic Rock Band from the 80's. Well there is a song that actually gets me emotional and it's called End of the World. Some of the words are: Siren wailing who can hear my cry, so the darkness leaves me never, and the grinding wheels are turning over. I believe that god is love, and that's enough to keep the evil demon away, Don't say I don't matter at all, I will stand or I'll fall, your the most important call that I make. When I face that verdict today though it's auto da fe, I'll say it's really not the end of the world. When I was young I was the golden son, People said I was the chosen one, And I knew I must walk like a man, never fail and do the best that I can. When I see that light shining, When I feel the sacred spirit rising. Of course substitute yourself for the words son and man, but that's what I am trying to do now even though it's very hard and I think back and wish I could have seen these words 15 years ago, might have made me stronger and fight through the crap I was dealing with. I know this is only words by a music group, but I feel they say alot at least to me. I hope these words make a difference if even a little bit. I know it's hard, I had wished I was dead many times before, but I could never do anything because I was a coward and they call that Passive suicidal thoughts. that didn't make me feel any better, but you just have to go on. As a matter of fact I frequently take my music when I see my Therapist and we do EMDR, you should look into this, it has helped me quite a bit. It's like Hypnosis light. You are fully awake and you come up with a negative thought, bad memory or negative feeling about yourself and the therapist will either tap on your legs or have you follow his fingers with your eyes and you get transported to a place in your mind where you can see video playing in your mind of different things, sometimes memories of the past. Then my therapist stops after a few minutes to ask what I am thinking and then you go from there concentrating on that new thought. The process takes from 30 mins usually to an hour and when you are done those bad thoughts get transferred to another part of your brain where you don't feel the emotional part of it anymore or at least for awhile. That's how it has been for me. Now I am starting to see my therapist every week so I can do EMDR more often, because I have alot of bad memories and need to work on those. Anyway it's an option you can try. I hope this helps in someway. Let me know how things go and remember all of us on here are here to listen to you and help in anyway we can.
    thatgirl93 responded:
    Thanks guys for all the helpful tips!
    coolmona responded:
    Hi that girl...if i could set the subject of religion aside for a minute...anyone who bashes your beliefs about ANYTHING is not someone you need to be around or correspond with. If it isn't religion, it will be something else. These type of people simply look for a way to cause confusion in someone who does not share their own belief system. Try hard to disregard it and move AROUND peoples like this. Don't waste your precious energy disagreeing with them. Sending good vibes to you...
    Cool Mona

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