runamok76 posted:
I am 34, female, obese, no job, no car, no friends, no boyfriend, fell out with most my family, never married, no kids. I constanly feel like pond scum. I keep thinking once I lose weight my life will be great, but my one coping mechanism that works is food. Just been diagnosed bipolar too.

I am constanly starting again on a diet, on a job, on a story because i'm a wannabe writer. I do good for a few days or a couple weeks then I'm right back where I started or worse. I've started meds, its been a few months now but I still can't get things moving. I know I need to go to therapy too but how do you find a good one with no money. I feel so helpless.
runamok76 responded:
Oh and i'm in love with a guy who constantly lies and comes in and out of my life whenever he feels like it.