i have major depression
babygirl514 posted:
have major depression and have been since i was 9 yrs old. i got counsling when i was 12 til i was 17 that didnt help i was also put on meds but stopped taking them and had control of my depression for over 10 yrs but now lately , ihave been so depressed crying feeling worhtless i dont think i can control it this time do i need to go back on the antidepression pills again please help me.. i need help.
lexismom11 responded:
You may need medication, but you won't know for sure until you see a doctor. You may also want to try therapy for your depression. It sounds like you are in a bad spot right now so I hope you do go see a doctor. Medication and therapy can help you feel better, but it takes time.
babygirl514 replied to lexismom11's response:
well i got me some st john warts from the store and im feeling a lil better. im not crying anymore and im kinda cheerful today so i will conitue to take it and keep my depression under control