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An_204312 posted:
IM a 19 yr old female. About a month ago i recieved my first vaccination of Gardasil. Before i recieved this i already have depression whole imidiate family is on anti-depressants, my brother is bi-polar. I have never been to a doctor about my depression issues. After getting this vaccine i have been extremely up and down with my moods. deporessed, appetite loss, irritated quickly, confedince level has dropped incredibly. i dot kno what i should do...should i even preceed on getting the other vaccination?

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susiemargaret responded:
hello, A125 --

i did some quickie -- admittedly not comprehensive -- internet research tonight on the issue of whether gardasil (see PS1, PS2) has been associated with depression as a side effect. i could not find info to that effect from what i consider medically credible sources, i.e., scientific or academic research; however, there are many references to it on the forum-type, Q&A, and anti-vaccine websites.

i don't know what to make of this discrepancy. if it were me, i would be inclined to disregard the references on the forum-type, Q&A, and anti-vaccine websites because of the lack of scientific and academic evidence supporting those allegations (PS3). if it were me, i would go ahead with the second and third shots. however, this is a judgment that only you can make. i suggest that you talk with someone at a women's health center (PS4), your gynecologist, or your primary-care dr about this.

why have you not sought treatment for your depression?

-- susie margaret

PS1 -- webMD info on gardasil is at IM.aspx?drugid=144456&drugname=Gardasil IM&source=2 (med info) and (discussion).

PS2 -- user reviews for gardasil can be found at IM.aspx?drugid=144456&drugname=Gardasil IM&sortby=3 .

PS3 -- of course, the fact that i couldn't find anything from what i consider to be medically credible websites doesn't necessarily mean there is nothing out there; it just means i couldn't find anything.

PS4 -- you might want to re-post this inquiry in the women's health community, , and/or in the sexual health community, .
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