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Can't Hold a Job with Depression/Anxiety, Want to Give Up
np_84 posted:
I am just having a difficult time handling life, particularly when it comes to jobs. It seems every time i try and go after a new career path, i end up not being able to stick with it because of my anxiety disorder and my depression (i have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Dysthymia, and Seasonal Affective Disorder - "Double Depression" in winter time... i've been told by more than one therapist that it's a miracle i'm alive). i am trying my best to find a way to support myself. i am 27 years old and single, and have been in and out of different odd jobs since graduating from PSU with a degree i had no intention of really using - i just wanted to finish school. all i want to do is stay home because the demands of a "normal," working single person have so far proven too much for me. i am wondering if my work life is always going to be a series of things i end up giving up on because i get overwhelmed so easily and retreat back home where i feel safe. Medication only marginally helps. i've been on meds on and off for 6 years now, and i can no longer afford to see a therapist or a psychiatrist. i have never been able to do so consistently as my job history has been so up and down. i feel at a loss of what to do. i just graduated from pet grooming school a month ago and so far the transition to being a professional dog groomer has been seriously triggering my anxiety to the point of almost just dropping my clippers and quitting, and multiple times. i cry at work when i'm in the back grooming alone. i just can't handle the stress, but that seems to be with every job i try. i wish i didn't have to worry about making money, i can't deal with being in the workforce. it just takes so much out of me and i don't know what to do. i really want to give up.
paulpaulpaul responded:
Dear Np,

I am sorry you are in such a predicament. (((((hugs)))))

I am in the same position. I have been trying to keep down a job in the last ten years and have not been able to work. You should consider getting on disability as something you can do. It isn't the answer to your problems but it could help a little. I am on it and can't live on what I make. I live with my parents and they have been very good about it, but every little bit helps.

I don't have any real advice, but I want you to know that I feel for you and hope things get better.
undefined responded:
I wish you the best. I,m going through something similar but have been working for years before the severe anxiety. I cry a lot also feel,hopeless. But I hope you stick it out and find answers to help you.
rohvannyn replied to 33454672's response:
I wish you all the best. The only thing that will offer any solution is to find some way to deal with stress better. It isn't the job, it's your response to it. You knew that already, I know. Ultimately it will come down to will. It may help to come up with a list of reasons why you need to work, and start making an effort to really care about those reasons. I have had to do that before and it helps.
hniebel responded:
Hi, I'm so sorry to are that you are going through this. My advise would be reaching out to more friends and family for emotional support. As hard as it may seem sometimes putting down the walls that you put up to protect yourself with are more damaging to your heart because you don't want to let anyone in. I to have had a hard time keeping jobs because I get bored or just don't want to go to work. But I did find if you find something you love to do that helps a lot in the career field. Also trying a job that you're around people that give you uplift and praise for your job. For me the elderly are so sweet and kind. I also found that eating more healthy foods, walking or exercise 3 or more times a week and tanning. Tanning for me was key for a while. It helps if you have seasonal depression. You might want to go to the Dr. And see if you might have a vitamin deficiency. That could be altering your mood. Good luck to you and I hope this advise will help you in some way. Xoxo
havetolearntoaccept responded:
You didn't say much about how your anxiety is in non-work-related situations. In other words do you function fine outside of work socially, with family, in a relationship, etc.. There is a big difference to having your anxiety rise and get out of control while trying to work compared to having trouble with anxiety ALL THE TIME.
lakeshia4depression responded:
I soooo can identify with your struggles. I have been battling depression since I was a teenager. I am now 36 years old and will be 37 in June. I also have a hard time handling life because of my depression. I was diagnosed with Dysthymia when I was in Graduate School. I have managed to earn three degrees, but can't find happiness in any job that I take. I am so sick of dealing this illness. I can hardly function and just like you, it is hard for me to hold a job. I just wish I was a normal person. I have been taking Prozac on and off for the past few years. It only helps a little bit. Now that I have my health insurance back, I am going to see a psychiatrist again.
undefined responded:
I can relate I've been suffering from Depression since 2004 and since then I've attended 4 different Colleges and I quit soon after I started, and the same with jobs I would get hired and soon after I would quit, and sometimes I feel like it's going to be this way for the rest of my life. I just can't seem to find a career path that I can feel comfortable with and I'm 40 years old going on 41. All I can say is to hang in there and I wish you the best.
sensationalshopper responded:
So sorry to hear you're feeling down. I have the same struggles as you. I have major depression and anxiety. I can't seem to hold down a job very long before my depression and anxiety cause me to want to quit or quit for sure. It's a vicious cycle. I have other health issues besides, so that doesn't help matters.
What u said about retreating back home to where its safe is exactly how I feel too. And I don't know how to solve that.
I need to work because my husband and I need the money, so I try to work at least part time. But my symptoms were so bad I had to take a leave of absence from work.
I hope you can feel better and find the answers you are looking for. Good luck.
likri responded:
I am studying something that I don't have that much interest in and at a location I hate. I feel like dying is my only destiny. You've talked with therapist. Let him/her help you. don't give up. The moment you give up the hope is gone and you'll fall into further depression.Trust me.

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