Depression preventing spirituality
tkdbluegirl posted:
I have had major depression for about half my life (10-11 years). I often wonder about God (since I was raised in a Christian family). If there really is a god why would he allow such a horrible disease like depression? Why did he make a person that ends up hating themselves or wanting to kill themselves. How do other people keep their faith when suffering from depression?
AndieGirl responded:
It's changed my faith. I used to be what I considered a strong Christian until I went thru a nightmare in my 20's. I think it's good to question God & even question your beliefs. In your quest for answers you don't have to come up with the same conclusions that I do. Actually, I have more questions than answers.

That probably didn't answer your question. I wish I had the answer. I could use it.

barbarafromtucson responded:
This is a really tough question--not just about depression, but suffering in whatever form, and I don't believe none of us will know all the other questions until we've reached the other side.

I just read a book called "Life is Hard but God is Good" subtitle is "An inquiry into suffering"--which is a really good book--author is Adele J. Gonzalez--there are other books out there too...You could also contact your local church--sometimes pastors can help you make some sense of it and/or direct you to a Christian counselor to talk with. These counselors will often help you on a sliding scale if you don't have insurance.

I have depression as well as a physical health problem that doctors want to lable as "IBS"--both have questioned/tested my faith and it is still being tested...I deal best with it by AA saying--one day at a time.

God doesn't make anyone who hates him/her-self--all babies are happy and only cry when they are trying to communicate their needs (dietary/diaper/etc.).

When/if the baby doesn't get the needed afftection/attention, when the baby/child is given negative messages--from parents, teachers, etc--that can lead into a lot of the negative self-talk and low self-esteem.

I do not know your story. I was raised in a Christian home. However, my mom was verbally/emotionally abusive to me and was the kid that everyone picked on. I "knew" early on that I was unloveable, unwanted, etc. God didn't make me this way--it was the message that I got from parents/classmates/etc that told me this. And one's image of God is based on how their parents act (in general).

Your story might be different, so I encourage you to go to counseling or seek out books or info online that goes into the meaning of suffering.

Jesus was born a human--he expererienced *everything* that we experience, except for sin. Think of His passion--he was tortured, humiliated, rejected, and so on...He could have chosen another path--but He didn't out of His love for us. He knows what loneliness and rejection can have a Partner in your suffering and what better one could you have?

When I am in my darkest moments, I try to reflect/think about Jesus's suffering. When I start thinking suicidal--my 'logic' kicks in--I know it's my depression, I know that "this too shall pass" and somehow I've gotten beyond that moment.

It's easier said than done...that's why you have to treat it as 'one day at a time'--even 'one moment at a time'...keep praying--even when you don't feel like praying...have at least one loved one to talk to and see your pastor and/or counselor.

It's a long Via DelaRosa...the joy in Heaven will make up for all the pain here on earth.

Will be praying for you!
sweetypie295 responded:
My 2 cents:
Heavenly Father loves you & know's what your going through he is there for you in good times & bad.
Why does he make his children suffer? To learn & know him better... gosh do you think
We need to get on our knees more then what we do ~ I know I do.
I know in the times that I struggle with whatever it may be I am praying more then ever.
He is always there we just need to ask with sincere heart opened mind. We may not be cured but we may see a little relief. He sends people, thoughts, thing's into our live to give us relief.
At time's I am praying for, Hope, love, understanding, Patient, charity & Peace.
Try & watch see what little things happen that help. Small & simple things. Watch and see how someone may smile, make a comment. I know my cats sometimes when I feel bad they come sit on my lap.
I read that animals have a direct link to god ~ I like that thought. Can you imagine god saying to your animal (if you have one) she needs a hug & your animal comes over & does whatever you need to make you feel a little better.
We are all given trials some seem worse then others & the ones others have I know I would rather have my own & we don't know excatly what trials everyone has some they hide.
~ I am so sorry you have depression I would never wish it on any one.
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Prov. 3:5—6.) That's the scripture that popped in my head.
I hope at least 1 thing I said can help.
Take Care, ((hug))