i need to be
lostsouls49 posted:
need to be here ,i need to be safe , i am not, i need to feel like i belomg
resttheweary responded:
In my experience, all i needed to hear was "everything will be ok." That's all i can say. I know your panic. Everything is ok, although you don't see it as such, it will all work itself out. Words of wisdom, promise. Best of luck!
lostsouls49 replied to resttheweary's response:
but what happens when you keep being used and abused? when the legal system uses your illness to their personal agenda to ruin someones lufe, i come here so i can be heard, but the life on this said of the computer keeps showing that there is no hope. i keep upseting people when i dont mean to
resttheweary replied to lostsouls49's response:
I'm not sure of your personal problems and the legal issues you're having. If your in danger then get out! If you're so depressed you don't know where else to turn, you can opt to call the emergency room and admit that you're wanting to hurt yourself, and they will help you get on meds and monitor and talk with you to help you out of your depression. It is their responsibility to do so.
Last night i realized i need to be hospitized or at least talking to a professional. I have lapsed insurance and no one to take care of my kids, but i need help quick!
You aren't going unheard to me, i understand. I can't help you very well at this time, i'm having trouble focusing as mom/wife. I do know that when you hit rock bottom, like i have in the past and now, medication and therapy are what do the trick.