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An_240865 posted:
Hello I have a question. actually it's not about me, it's about my cousin who lives in a foreign country. She has this diseases "cortisol efficiency" for last 5 years. though i found out very recently as she asked me to send her over "Pregnenolone 25mg" medicine to her for whole year as its expensive in her country. I tried to ask why she needs it for whole year? she told me she has "cortisol efficiency" and
her body has stopped producing certain type of hormones and she will need those pills for rest of her life as that is what her doctor told her.She is also being treated under him for last 3 years. My question
is " Is there a cure for this diseases and if there is how can it be done".I would very muchly like to provide this information to her. Please feel free to drop some lines.
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and wecome!
I'm glad you found us. Because this is related to stress and anxiety, I think this might be a good question for our Anxiety and Panic Community . Click on this link and that will take you to the community where you can better get some support. I hope that helps!

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Hope whispers, Try it one more time.
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gd9900 responded:
I believe (and I'm not a Dr. so I MAY be wrong!!) what your cousin has is cortisol deficiency. Its questionable if she would need these supplements for the rest of her life. I have read there are treatments out there to help get your cortisol levels regulated...but being under the supervision of a holistic Doctor is recommended as they specialize in balancing the body's hormonal system.

Do a google search for "cortisol deficiency" and see what you come up with.
tabbow replied to gd9900's response:
Here is a clinical response to your question. A true cortisol deficiency, as in a disease of the adrenal glands is known as "Addison's Disease" and is a life long disease that requires continuous treatment. If this is the case a medical doctor or more preferably an endocrinologist is best to manage this condition.

The drug you mentioned is not a patented medication, but a variant precurser supplement related to the drug "cortisol" which is based on the cortiosteroid hormones produced naturally within the body. While these preparations are available over the counter, there are potentially significant side effects associated with them.
An_240865 replied to tabbow's response:
@Chris_webMD_Staff , thank you , I will post it on Anxiety and panic community.

@gd9900 thank you, google search provides much information but i need to discuse more further about the facts (I am not a doctor) also i am not sure what kind of test and if they have a holostic docto there. can you tell me more this, Please keep me informed.

@tabbow thank you, as much i know about her condition, i think she does not have "addisons disease" , is there any test to know it for sure. As she is in forigen country some test may not be available. What is the first step she may take to get a better knowing of what she is fight with. Please keep me informed.
tabbow replied to An_240865's response:
A complete physical exam with a medical doctor is the place to start. She needs to discuss the symptoms that are bothering her with this physician. There is a blood test for "cortisol" levels that can be done, but a thorough evaluation of signs and symptoms is where a medical doctor would start the process of figuring out what might be the problem as there are many disorders that can lead to people feeling tired or weak. Things like Thyroid disorders or anemia for example.
An_240865 replied to tabbow's response:
So far, usa treatment is kinda expensive and there are long line to get a usa visa. she is trying to go to india for a better checkup and treatment. now we are looking for endocrinologist in india, must be a good doctor , also care for patient.your advice will be helpfull. please let us know. thanks you all been great help.

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