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I'm new and completely lost.
shadowrose7 posted:
Hello, I am new here. I decided to join for obviously because I have depression. I decided to get help and I am working on getting better. I am starting to wonder if I am getting better at all. So I decided to join this group to help me. I have no idea where to go from here.
diplee responded:
Hi Shadowrose, welcome...I also have suffered from depression and is still on medication. I think the most important thing for depression sufferer to have hope and contented in present life. Are you contented with your life?
shadowrose7 replied to diplee's response:
no. I am not.
susiemargaret responded:
hello, S --

tell us a little about yourself. what about your life are you unhappy with?

are you in therapy or taking psych meds?

-- susie margaret
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
shadowrose7 replied to susiemargaret's response:
I am in therapy and I am taking medication to help me.
I have been overweight and unhappy for a long time
and have problems with food and eating. I lack confidence and hhave body image problems.
susiemargaret replied to shadowrose7's response:
hello, S --

you are doing the right things. please try to be patient with yourself.

i send you caring thoughts and hope this year will be a good one for you.

-- susie margaret
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
shadowrose7 replied to susiemargaret's response:
Thank you. The patient part is one of the things I have trouble with. Sometimes I just want to jump over the bad inbetween stuff, but i know that is important to truly appreiate the good. I feel as though I have been in the bad stuff for a long time, too long. But I am working on changing it into good.
nicegirl42 responded:
Hi shadowrose7.

I just joined webmd a few days ago. I am just looking for companionship with people that also suffer from depression.

How long has it been since you started therapy and/or meds? Just curious to see if you have given a sufficient amount of time to allow any healing to begin.

Getting better is work and I don't know anyone that has ever been able to do it without any outside help.

Sincerely, nicegirl42
Demons2011 responded:

Glad you found us. Been here since April, one of the best things I've done was to come here. I don't suffer from depression, I fight depression every day and every hour. I don't take meds, they made me more angry, memory issues and generally felt real weird. I do CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I works some what for me, at least at this time of the year. I am hoping it will help with the winter months when there aren't the things outside to do. We will see.

It's been a good group of people, some come and watch, some join in. It's not a judgmental group. We are here to help each other. Some times nothing more than cyber hugs, but hey they help.
Anubis66 responded:
Welcome to our group. You will find a lot of compassionate people here.

reginahoward responded:
You just have to relax first and set your priority concern. People who exercise regularly during their leisure time are less likely to report symptoms of depression and anxiety according to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, conducted with 40 000 Norwegians.
jimmmysmith replied to reginahoward's response:
If a recovering alcohol is taking remeron and celexa will they effect thier recovery?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to jimmmysmith's response:
Welcome Jimmy!

Just wanted to pop in so your question will not get lost in previous discussions. Our members and expert will notice it little easier if it is a separate discussion.

If you would like to post a new discussion or ask question - look for the orange Post Now button near the top of the page. Use the drop down to click Discussions and go from there. You can ignore the Poll Questions if you would like.

Hope this is helpful,
tryingtohideit responded:
Hi Shadow! I was looking through and seen where you said that you have the weight problem. I also do. I have been overweight since I was about 11. Teased all through school because I was the only overweight person in my class. So Ii completely understand where you are coming from. Not only did I have the bulying at school I also had it at home from my dad who at the time was a major alcoholic. He did very mean things and said very mean things pertaining to my weight. I have only recently put my foot down and for myself to show everyone I am losing weight. Maybe try a weight doctor. I am going to one and she is amazing! But dont change for anyone but yourself! Because if your changing for others it will never feel like enough. But like I said if you are ready go to the doctor and get help with it. They usually offer lots of things. And will help you with your self asteem. That is my biggest thing I am trying to over come is my self asteem issues. After being tormented many years about it, it broke me. So I promise you I know where you are coming from. I hope this helps.

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