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    Racing thought/Anxiety
    noisymind posted:
    I am 58 and for the last 15 years have had bouts of anxiety which comes out as anger.. This can be triggered by a close call in the car, not being able to find something or worry. I hate it and feel so bad for my husband. I take a xanax to "chill" but am very carefull....I do not want to take it often. That is the worse thing for those around me but the worse thing for me personnally is my noisy babbling head. It's not like I hear voices, its just repetative thoughts, usually about what is worrying me...kinda like a song that's stuck in your mind. I can not shut my thoughts down and usually have to take something to get past it. I have very mild hot flashes but other than that, no menopause systems. Had a partial hyst. years ago, kept my ovaries...I hope this last info didn't alienate the guys out there....I need all the feed back I can get and don't think this is entirely hormone related.
    Kate_Te responded:
    Hi Noisy Mind
    Racing Thoughts bother me as well. Some DBT skills help with these. Like distraction: try to find something to do that will allow you to concentrate on something other than whats going on in your head.
    Opposite to Emotion: Try doing something fun when you are angry or depressed. Watch a funny movie or play with children.
    Mindfulness: This is just trying to stay in the moment. One moment at a time. Like actually thinking, I am doing the dishes, I am doing the dishes while doing them. It does work.
    Lastly when all else fails, I take a cold shower, because nothing will bring you into the present like a blast of cold water. You will be in the here & now & your racing thoughts will stop.
    All of these are short term solutions. But if you can break out of the racing thoughts, you might be able to stay away for a while at a time.
    Good Luck
    noisymind replied to Kate_Te's response:
    Thank you for your help Kate. Very good suggestions some of which I do when able. The shower idea is a great one that I have never tried. Unfortunately, most of the time this happens when trying to get to sleep or in a car where options are very limited. It does help to know others expierence these this. Thank you again....having someone respond to me has meant more than you can know....these issues are very alienating.
    jim531 responded:
    I've had generalized anxiety disorder as well as OCD for the past 12 years. Sometimes something will trigger a rise from my normal anxiety level and I have a lot more racing and obsessive thoughts. Its a lot worse at night when I'm trying to sleep. The things that keep my level of anxiety and OCD low are daily aerobic exercise, outdoor sunlight, and a low dose of an antidepressant. These things all raise your serotonin level which is directly related to your level of anxiety and obsessive thoughts. Do a search on "raising your serotonin levels" and if you do some of these things, I think you'll notice a big improvement.
    noisymind replied to jim531's response:
    Jim531, Thank you....sometimes when we have these kind of issues we forget that the solutions are sometimes the simplest and right in front of us. You and Kate have really encouraged and helped me. I have NEVER mentioned this stuff to anyone, not my Dr or husband of 40 years. Thank God for this discussion site!
    jim531 replied to noisymind's response:
    I'm glad to help. One other one I forgot to mention is deep abdominal breathing. Its too hard to describe the technique here but if you can fit in one or two 15 minute sessions of deep breathing a day you'll find it really calms you down. If I'm having trouble falling asleep, I'll do some deep breathing and then I fall asleep easily.

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