sid136 posted:
I have been having these feelings in my body and head of fuzziness and a fuzzy pressure in body and head that starts and ends constintly. I am on Paxil Cr from my doctor for a year now, i have always had this feeling but can't stand it. What is going on?
soulkeepers responded:
Hi sid136,

I'm sorry you feel like this and I know it's frustrating.I haven't taken Paxil but have felt like that with some meds that I have taken.I just stated taking meds two weeks ago and the symptoms are getting better.

If it was me I would without a doubt go back to my doc and stress the importance of the effects.I don't have any advice but I hope you will take this up with the doc that prescribe your meds.I know it sucks walking around feeling fuzzy through out your body all the time.

Hope someone can help you soon with this,just keep talking until they hear you.