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Wanted: Experiences w/TMS treatment for Depression
MentallyFubar posted:
I'm interested in hearing from folks who have had TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) for treatment of depression.

I've been battling depression off/on for more than 10 years and getting to the end of my rope (to say nothing of 5 years un/under employment). My first go round with Cymbalta really helped with the suicidal aspects but ability to focus and feel happy (normal) never improved much. I got off of it after nearly a year. Been back on twice with decreasing efficacy. I take 1mg Clonapin before bed time which has helped get more restful sleep.

I've started to investigate TMS, FDA approaved treatment which is a DAILY 37 minute deal for 6 consecutive weeks. Possible retreats down the road if required. None of the side effects that come with medication and ECT. Problem: Cost is $12,000.00 AFAIK TMS is not covered by insurance. Not that I have any thanks to my employment situation. Considering going thru one of these medical financing programs to make it happen but I am already up to my eyeballs in debt. I'm sure my depression is affecting my ability to get a job. My thinking is it's either this or Amazon witchdoctor & DME.
Christine1427 responded:
I did the TMS treatment this year. I started the end of December 2011 and finished treatment in February 2012. It has changed my life! I had battled depression for about 15 years and over the past 3 to 4 years it was just getting worse. I've been on so many different meds but none of them worked. My doctor told me about the TMS treatment and i researched it some on the internet as well as spoke with other people about it to get more information. It is costly but I know I did not want to continue the rest of my life feeling like I did so really the cost of it wasn't an issue if it could help. I finished the treatment 3 month ago and I have never felt better in my life. I'm doing the things I love again and everybody has noticed a HUGE difference in my mood. It's almost hard to put into words all the positive changes that have come out of having the TMS treatment. I highly recommend this treatment!
chalierove replied to Christine1427's response:
Hi Christine1427,

Where did you get your treatment done?
Christine1427 replied to chalierove's response:
Hi chalierove,
I got my treatment done at TMS NeuroHealth Centers in McLean, VA.

The staff there is excellent and were with me every step of the process!
susiemargaret responded:
hello, M --

there is a very long thread on transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) at . skim thru the whole thread if you have the energy because it worked for some people and did not for others.

you will also get people's accts of their experiences with TMS by searching for "TMS" in the "search" box on the right of this depression community page, just above the green title "featuring experts" (this is not the blue "search" box at the very top of the page).

i send you caring thoughts and know that whatever decision you make, it will be the right one.

-- susie margaret
what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.

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