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Jeune1 posted:
Happy Friday all.

Finally met with a therapist yesterday. (Yay!) She gave me a script for Trazodone and I'd be interested to hear if you all have an experiences with it.

niteflier responded:
Hey Jeune, unfortunately i have never been on trazodone, but wanted to say i am happy you were able to meet with your therapist.

keep posting and let us know how you are doing

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deasertrose responded:
Hi Jeune, I was recently put on 150mg of Trazodone. It helps me sleep at night. I think it's to strong cause I go to bed at 8 and wake up at 4 then I don't wake up till 10. I was taken off a med and put on another one don't know if that has anything to do with it. I hope it works for you.
susiemargaret responded:
hello, J --

webMD info on trazodone/desyrel is at - ORAL.aspx?drugid=11188&drugname=trazodone Oral&source=2 .

i'm glad you got to see your therapist.

-- susie margaret
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Jeune1 responded:
Thanks everyone. She gave me the 50's and told me I could take a half dose and if that was too much a quarter dose. I took 1/2 (25) and slept through the night but I was sluggish the whole day so now I'm taking a 1/4 dose and feel a little foggy but not too bad. Guess I should eat some more, huh?

I still wake up early (4) but now I go right back to sleep.

My husband is being very good about helping me remember. Saturday night I was almost asleep. He asked if I'd taken my pill. "Nooo, I don't need it. I'm almost asleeeeep."

Nope, nope, nope, wake up. You have to take it. Here, I'll get it for you, come on, here's some water.

So I did.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Trazodone is approved for depression and it often takes doses of 100mg 3 -4 times day for full effects. At lower doses, docs often use it for insomnia or anxiety.
Some people do respond to low doses, if not you need more. Risks are sedation, dizzyness, groggy etc....This often limits the full dose. There is a more expensive slow release version of trazodone called oleptro that in my practice often has less sedation... As usual, if this med doesn;t work out, ask for other options from your doc
Jeune1 replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
Thanks for your response. And WOW. Any medication, Rx or OTC, that "might cause drowsiness" puts me out for the count. I can't imagine what that dosage level would do to me. However, I think the weekend fogginess was caused by beer too close to taking the medication. Whoops. 1/2 worked just fine last night and I don't feel as anxious as I did last week.
An_246086 replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
What do you think of Wellbutrin?
alaska_mommy replied to An_246086's response:
I take Wellbutrin, it seems to help perk me up, I especially like taking one of the doses first thing in the morning as it helps sort of get me going for the day. I can't really take the evening dose (75mg each) so I just settle for morning and afternoon. The evening dose sometimes keeps me up. I think it does help too pretty well with the depression.
SLHoutz replied to alaska_mommy's response:
I was given the XL once a day formula to start with but had terrible stomach pains (not sure if it was from that or also starting Mobic for my tennis elbow? so asked them to give me the twice a day dose ... and still had stomach issues but I was still taking the Mobic ... so I stopped both and haven't re-started the Wellbutrin ... perhaps I should? My main issue right now is not sleeping ... I have taken Ambien--worked for two weeks, Ambien-CR that never worked took it three nights and then I asked doc to give me Rozarem ... better but still not completely sleeping and getting nasty headaches upon rising? I do have Sonata but haven't tried it ... I just want some sleep!

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