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    Found a new Therapist!!! & Too hot today!
    Mrs_Gantt posted:
    So, my husband employer helped me find a new therapist to try AND... Gave me 6 appointments at no expense to me! Whew... I hope this one works out! I cannot bear the thought of going to another one like the last one!

    I have my first Psychiatrist appointment tomorrow... I am a little nervous but know I need to do this.

    I hope you are all staying cool today... It is 106 here today and I am MISERABLE and trying really hard not to get irritable Sad part is, we are not supposed to get out of the 100 temp days for days yet! UGH!!!
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    Lis11 responded:
    That's great news!! I hope this Psychiatrist works out for you. I just started a new one about 4 weeks ago and saw her again today and I like her so much better than my previous one.

    We haven't left the house this afternoon because it's so hot! With the heat index its 103. Hot for Michigan!!

    Take care and good luck tomorrow!!
    Mrs_Gantt replied to Lis11's response:
    So glad to hear you are happy with your psychiatrist. I hope I like him

    This last therapist, I only saw twice and was DEFINITELY not a right fit for me!

    That IS hot for MI. When we lived there I do not think it ever got that hot there... We are in IN right now and this is just miserable. When we lived in AZ, we came to expect it... Not that it made it any better though... I got sick of hearing "But it's a dry heat"... I did not care... It was STILL hot!!!
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    chez1 responded:
    Excellent news about therapist, way to go hubby's employer and hubby!! I so hope for you that this one works out, but sure nothing can be worse than the other one!!
    Its good you are going to see the Psychiatrist tomorrow, good luck, we will be thinking off you.
    I can't imagine the heat that you are describing, we just simply don't get heat like that ever, dry or humid.
    Take care and hugs
    Chez x
    People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily....... Zig Ziglar
    niteflier responded:
    hello mrs. G, i am so happy that your husband and his employer were proactive for you and found a new therapist for you (no expense - huge plus). I hope you find that yu like this one. we will be thinking about you, what time is your appointmment?
    I hope things cool off for you. we do not get temps. that high here (thank goodness) in WA. i do like the weather here for that reason - i don't mind the rain, actually like to get out and walk in the rain sometimes (it is usuallly a light misty rain here).
    Take care and please let us know how it goes tomorrow.

    Perhaps the Animal Spirit is so great that one day it may inspire compassion in the human heart. Nan Sea Love

    Mrs_Gantt replied to niteflier's response:
    My husband is truely my rock and whenever he can, he always makes sure I get what I need. Today is his day off and it has been so nice having him home today. He has a GREAT Employer and their assistance program is awesome!

    My appointment is at 10:40 am but depending on how it goes, I may stop by and see my Grandma afterwards. She has like 50 grandkids, great grandkids, and great great grandkids and she says I am the only one that comes to see her on a regular basis so I try to keep up my end of that as much as I can. We all know she will not be around forever and she is truely the nicest person I have ever known in my life! So, IF my appointment goes well, I will visit with her, but, if not, I will probably come straight home.

    I spoke to my youngest son earlier today who happens to live in WA and lately he is all over trying to get us to move out there. Today he told me he knows a woman with only one lung that lives out there and she does fine so he thinks I would as well! (I have both lungs but I have Sarcoidosis, Asthma, Allergies, & COPD so I have a lot of breathing problems. And yes... I am a VERY VERY VERY bad girl... I am also a smoker Pittifull I know...)

    I will definitely post how it goes tomorrow!

    Geezers... I cannot get over how nice everyone is here and how friendly everyone is! I am SO GLAD I found you all!

    {{{HUGS}}} To all of you!
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    totalyfedup replied to Mrs_Gantt's response:
    Hi Mrs_Gannt, That's great news, I hope that this is going to be a much better one, I have had allot of not so good ones myself! Good luck tomorrow, and yes please let us know how it went.

    I have to confess that I am a smoker too, Do you find that you smoke more now? I know I do. I have way to much time on my hands.

    need support
    Mrs_Gantt replied to totalyfedup's response:
    I got to less than a half a pack a day a couple years ago, but... Lately, I find any excuse I can to smoke. I am only allowed to smoke inside if I am in the bathroom, so... I do not mind drinking a lot of water cause that means I pee more which means I can smoke more. I like to sit outside a lot cause again, I can smoke more... I like to take the dogs out more cause again, I can smoke more...

    I gout out my e-cigs the other day and found my charger for it so... If all goes well with the psychiatrist and therapist, I hope to feel comfortable enough to try and quit... I know I need to, but, I am just not ready right now. And with Sarcoid, Asthma etc... Smoking is the worst thing I could do...

    Ok, ok... I will admit this about smoking... I feel I do not have the guts to try and commit suicide, but sometimes... Well... I feel that smoking is a way of shortening my life and ending the pain.

    There... I admitted it to someone... Ugh...
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    chez1 replied to Mrs_Gantt's response:
    Ok Mrs G, I have to tell you made me laugh out loud at the start of this, drinking so much more just to go to the loo, ingenious!!
    Delighted to read you are thinking about stopping particularly with your last statement, I am very proud of you putting it out there and I hope by doing that you can see that it is maybe not the best plan!!
    I am so glad you found us here, you are great to have around, keep posting
    Chez x
    People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily....... Zig Ziglar
    alaska_mommy replied to Mrs_Gantt's response:
    Hi Mrs. G, I am glad you have a new therapist lined up, and glad to read on your previous post that your hubby was so supportive and was adamant about not going back to the last one. I hope the new therapist has WAY more compassion and WAY less attitude than the last one!

    I'm sorry your smoking has taken on the self-harm slant, that you see it as a way to escape...that's so sad, and I hope through therapy you can get to a point where you can leave that behind you. You deserve better than a slow death via cigarettes. You're worth fighting for! Don't give up, ok?
    totalyfedup replied to Mrs_Gantt's response:
    Hi Mrs_Gantt, he he he, made me laugh out loud too! I live by myself so I can smoke my heart out anytime, I know that is not good. I tried a couple of years ago to quit, I went though the pach and the inhaler it work for about 4 months and then I caved. I also was told that there are 2 ant deppresants out there that helps you to quit, I don;t remember which ones, I tried one but it didn't help. I think it's something you have to really want to do.
    take care,

    need support
    Mrs_Gantt replied to totalyfedup's response:
    Glad I made ya'll laugh! What I did not mention though... By drinking all the water and having to pee and going to the bathroom to smoke.... Well, I get excercise also cause our only bathroom is upstairs! We live in a strange place... We only have a kitchen and living room downstairs and then bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs...

    Wellbutrin is one of those anti-depressants... That happens to be one my Dr just changed me too. He said research has also been showing help with weight loss as well, so, I feel if I believe in that, I can make it happen... Well... At my positive moments I will look at it that way!

    I have tried patches, cold turkey, e-cig, and Chantix. Patches I found myself still smoking, The e-cig hurt my mouth from trying to suck so hard (LOL).... Chantix, well... Halucinations!
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    totalyfedup replied to Mrs_Gantt's response:
    Hi Mrs_Gant, I can't remember if it was Wellbutrin that I tried, I have been on so many anti-depressants for the last few months I can remember all the names, I know the one I am on now made me gain a little bit of weight! crap! And I can't seem to shed the extra pounds.
    I gues quitting is something that you have to really want to do! I know I don't want to even try right now. Maybe one day.
    Take care and keep us up to date on your new therapist.

    need support

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