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Demons2011 posted:
Just wanted to say HI! ON the run for the next couple of days, plenty of errands and chores to do. Might not be on much till Sunday. We'll see. Hugs, and fuzzy warm thoughts for all of you.
chez1 responded:
Hey D, take care of yourself whilst on the run!
Hurry back, hugs will be waiting
Chez x
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Lis11 responded:
D, Good luck with your chores and errands!! I wish I had your strength to do that stuff!
Hugs back!
BeHapppy118 responded:
Hi!! That's good that you have the energy to do all of that! I get that energy burst too sometimes, but maybe not today..

Hugs back to you!
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alaska_mommy responded:
Hey D, stay hydrated while you're running all over kingdom come!!
Talk to you next time you're on.