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    Includes Expert Content
    Finally Made the decision
    Lis11 posted:
    I have mentioned before about my Dr recommending ECT treatments for me. I have had to local docs suggest it. I had an appt at the specialty hospital about and hour and a half away, and the appt went really really well. My husband and I were very impressed with the program and the DR in charge of it. It made it easier to make the decision that I have.

    I am still in a really bad way and just can't get out of the deep deep hole and its scary in here. The Dr's believe this treatment will get me out of it and hopefully in remission for a while. I will still have to take one antidepressant to keep up maintenance of it. I will trade the 4 pills I take at the moment for just one in a heart beat.

    I am still waiting to here back on the dates. Having a hard time waiting for that, since I have a lot of planning to do to get help for the kids and myself. My husband will do as much as he can but he still needs to keep his job. But luckily we have both sets of parents in the area that can help.

    Thanks for listening to me. I just wanted to update you on the decision that I have made. Please pray that these treatments work and I can be the person I am dying to be.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    alaska_mommy responded:
    Wow Lis, I really hope this is it for you! I know you have been having a really hard time without much (if any) relief from medications. I hope the ECT will give you the springboard to get you on to better living!! Fingers crossed for you (since I'm not really praying these days).
    Lis11 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    Thanks AM, I am a little nervous, not going to lie. But I know this is the right thing for me to do. I need to want to wake up in the morning and live another day and right now I don't want to. I just can't take anymore and I willing to fight so that is why I have choose this option. I have changed meds so much in the last two years I have lost count. And none have ever helped me feel good to where I could function normally.
    I haven't been praying much either so I feel you there!
    sunflower62509 replied to Lis11's response:
    Good luck! I hope this helps and gives you back the life you deserve! My husband might also have to go for ECT. That would be the next step for him also. It's scary, but I have heard how well it works for so many people. I was lucky to see ECT while I was in nursing school. It was a very simple procedure. I was amazed. This was back in 1991 when I was all of like 19,and I was more nervous than the patient! But it went so smoothly and the patient did great.But anyway, happy to hear that things are looking up for you!
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you Lis!

    Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
    good luck with your ECT. it is a good and bona fide treatment
    jimmmysmith replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
    if a recovering alcohol is on remeron and celexa will they effect thier recovery?

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