wannatalk65 posted:
Started with my sessions yesterday and the Therapist seems like a really nice guy. I really like the two hour time out homework he has me do. It did help a little yesterday but I still have a lot to work on. I just hate being edgy most of the time, and feeling down. Some days I just want to explode, and I think it is just a routine I fell into when I was married to my ex. Fighting was so natural. Now that I am happy things just build up inside of me. I really have to start figuring a way of releasing this tension besides wanting to unmovable objects.
alaska_mommy responded:
wannatalk, glad that your therapy is going well. I would talk to your therapist about your feelings of anger/wanting to hit something inanimate, and see if he has some suggestions for you. Why not work with those feelings though and get a punching bag or something like that? That way you have a constructive way to let your frustrations out without hurting anyone or breaking anything that you'll regret later. Plus you'll be getting some good exercise, and releasing endorphins which are good for mood. Or get a treadmill or go to a gym and you can run until the feelings go away.