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    Includes Expert Content
    Second Time is Worse
    An_247436 posted:
    I hope someone can help me out there.

    I was diagnosed with severe depression 5 months ago and went to a therapist for 3 weeks. During that time I acquired the skills to be able to identify and handle feelings that were negative and not conducive of my happiness. I start feeling confident I was ready to take on my own problems so I did for the next 4 months.

    Just recently I have had issues with relationships and being around the wrong type of people in my life. This has led to me feeling worthless, undesirable, scared, and generally stressed out. I cant even seem to attract the right kind of girls anymore as I am not myself.

    I have tried to focus on work, bike racing, and other things I enjoy but the pain still grew inside. Just recently, my last week has been an emotional roller coaster of anger, shame, sadness, and lonliness. I have plenty of friends that support me but no one really understands this plight enough to really give me guidance.

    I am not asking for much just to know I am not alone. I am also very stressed about talking to doctors about this and I refuse to use medication. If you can give me advice or any type of support it would be greatly appreciated.
    Jeune1 responded:
    Hi there. Glad you posted. First of all you're certainly not alone. Everyone here has been where you are or IS where you are right now. I certainly think doing group activities with people who are good to be around is really important. But

    I'm wondering if you would benefit from more therapy (talk, not meds.) When I was first diagnosed with MDD, I did cognitive behavioral therapy. That took place in a set period of time (I think 6 weeks?) It got me back on my feet so I could shower and eat without anyone yelling at me .

    But I still had depression so when I could, I went to a therapist to work on some long standing problems.

    Something you might consider? And of course, please keep us posted on how you're doing.
    itmatsb responded:
    Since you don't want to take medication, you could try the therapy again since it helped you before.

    If that doesn't help, I have to wonder why you are against medication. Depression can be from a chemical imbalance in the body just like a diabetic needs insulin. No one else needs to know that you are taking medication. The meds could turn your life around to be easy, happy and great.

    I've been where you have been. So wishing you the best.
    Rtttt replied to itmatsb's response:
    Another area to consider: there are other ways to help your body correct the chemical imbalance itmatsb mentioned. There is solid research that finds laughter, bright light therapy, exercise, and other strategies to be very effective - often as effective as prescription medications with quicker response times and few or no side effects.
    Keep trying things until you get results.
    Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
    Unfortunately, sometimes depression comes back and gets worse. Get back into pscyhotherapy and as much as you do not like the idea of medication, decide if you like suffering worse? If re starting psychotherapy fails, please consider a med
    itmatsb replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
    Excellent advice from the doctor above. You can certainly try more therapy, exercise, lights, etc., but sometimes the chemistry of our body needs more.

    And not liking to take meds? Consider that depression is linked with major health conditions, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, disability, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis and obesity.

    Because of the deterioration of telomeres in the body, people with long term depression "tend to develop earlier and more serious forms of physical illnesses that usually hit people in older age, such as stroke, dementia, heart disease and diabetes. . . brain scans of older people with depression showed much faster age-related loss of volume in the brain compared with people without depression.." See Wall Street Journal, 4/9/2012.

    So think about the negative aspects about not treating your depression when you think that taking medication will be a problem to you.

    Depression is a very tough disease to live with. Wish you the best.
    soxienicobillyrowey responded:
    To start I have suffered with depression since I was 13 yrs old and understand that you feel so a lone.I too have had many therapy session,all which helped, you must take the medication your doctor has prescribe.Many take at least 2 weeks to take effect.It is good you have many friends which can help you,some may not understand what ur going though,some may.either way its nice to know they are there.remember you are never a lone there are many people out there who do understand and will surport you,I for one will help you all I can.Please keep in touch,I will always answer you Take care of yourself all the best
    An_247916 replied to soxienicobillyrowey's response:
    Have you looked into TMS Therapy? It is a non-drug therapy used to treat depression where medication doesn't work or has too many side effects. It's only been on the market for 4 years but is having tremendous results!
    susiemargaret replied to An_247916's response:
    hello, all --

    with respect to TMS, mentioned in the previous response, there is a very long thread discussing TMS that may be helpful to look at -- . try to be patient wading thru it, because there are several points of view expressed and lots of responses. however, i think it would be worth the time to check it out.

    other threads with some discussion of TMS (with or without comparative comments about ECT) are at --

    -- ,

    -- , and

    -- , second and ninth posts, both by BB.

    in one thread discussing different forms of treatment for depression but not specifically about TMS exclusively, i referred to an article on TMS from the mayo clinic, . however, i have never done a lengthy independent search on the subject of TMS itself.

    -- susie margaret
    what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
    mobee622 responded:
    As a girlfriend of a wonderful man who has suffered for a long time with major depression, bi-polar disorder, ptsd and other personality issues, I sympathize with your plight. He is in a similar boat. He doesn't take his meds as he should, though he does see a psychotherapist. He went through a series of meds. that helped in some ways and didn't in other ways. He has tried 6, and Wellbutrin has helped the most. It helped to get him motivated and out of the perpetual bad mood and lack of motivation to even try to do anything. Like others have suggested to you, I think you should definitely go back to the therapist, maybe try group therapy to talk with others who are feeling similarly to you. You may have other issues going on your therapist can search out with you. Getting out and doing things is one thing I have trouble getting my boyfriend to do, but being out among people can help you to see there are others like you, and there are others worse off than you too. A smile can go a long way, next time you're out and see a miserable looking person, smile and say hi to them, it'll make you feel good inside. I suffer from depression and ptsd as well and also take wellbutrin and anti-anxiety med. too. So, in closing I urge you to give psychotherapy another chance, see if they offer group therapy, and please try taking a medication. There are herbal alternatives for depression too- St. John's Wart is one, Valerian for anxiety (as far as I am aware of). Do some research online as well with herbal supplements, take care of yourself, you'll get there! Keep trying and never give up on yourself, only you can get you the help you really need, and I wish you the best!
    diane246 replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
    been going through depression since istarted menopause 4 years ago, ive been on 6 different meds only to end up more depressed now therapy hasnt helped much what else can i do!! is there hope!,the anxiety is so bad ican t sleep sometimes.any suggestions....?
    itmatsb replied to diane246's response:
    See a good psychiatrist if you haven't already been seeing one. And if you have been seeing a psychiatrist, try a new one after this amount of time. They can be skilled at mixing medications. Let me know.

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